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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Troika of Russell Martin Autographs

Three new additions to my Russell Martin PC, with three more really sweet ones just arriving in the mail. I would love to be the premier Russ Super-Collector in all the land. These will hopefully push me towards that lofty goal.


Make/Model: 2007 Topps Turkey Red Refractor Auto
Came From: eBay
Price: $5.25 shipped, part of a two-card lot with the Russ below

Make/Model: 2006 UD Future Stars Clear Path To Greatness Signatures
Came From: eBay
Price: $5.25 shipped, the second part of this sweet little lot

Hard to beat two autos, one of the rookie variety, for just over five bucks.

Make/Model: 2007 Topps Finest Rookie Finest Moment Auto
Came From: My local shop
Price: $3

The next three major Martin additions are even better, if I do say so myself. And I love these three.


  1. Wow. That Turkey Red is beautiful. And for 5 bucks!

  2. By far my favorite of the three. So much refractor-y-ness.

    And $2.50 really, considering it arrived with a friend haha.