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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh Schmitz, That's A Lot Of Bills!

That line sounded a heck of a lot more witty and funny when I ran it through my head yesterday.

Anyhoo, I'm woefully behind on getting things posted, from trades to eBay pickups to cards from my local shop. Hence, consolidation begins.

I picked up this sweet 2008 UD Premier Penmanship Chad Billingsley Auto from my local shop for $6. I had my eye on it for months, and thankfully I'm basically the only person who buys singles from my local shop. So it sat in the same box for those many months until I finally took the plunge and grabbed it. UD did a pretty good job of making the sticker blend in and not be as obvious to the naked eye as they usually are.


This 1952 Bowman found its way to me via a Buy-It-Now listing on eBay. For $2.99 plus a pair of shipping dollars, I was able to land this sweet card. A few moderate creases and soft corners aside, the card's in really good shape. And personally, I always care most about being able to clearly make out the picture of the player and the card still possessing most, if not all, of its original color. Johnny fits the bill on both accounts. It's my first '52 Bowman (my first '52 in general), and I really like the look of this set. Solid in all respects.

Seeing a year like 1952 on the back of a card makes me smile.


  1. Cool auto of Bills. I'm a big Dodger fan that needs to get my hands on some of hit autos.

  2. all u need is the 52 andy pafko, rube walker and wayne terwillinger cards and u have the entire 51 trade.

  3. Spiegel finally has a blog! Haha, you definitely need to add some Bills autos. Well worth it.

    Anonymous- That would be an interesting little project. I may just have to attempt that at some point. If I do, I will definitely post on it. Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Where the hell is this card shop of yours? At my LCS they would ask $15 for that Bills. They jack up the prices of everything Dodgers or Lakers.

  5. Haha, it's a secret! It also helps that I'm a regular; they give me better deals and such.

    But seriously, I've been meaning to suggest we find a day to do your box breaks (if you haven't already finished them) and hit up my LCS.

    We can of course do the LCS visit regardless of whether you still need help busting those boxes or not.