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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trade With The Chronicles Of Fuji: Ryan Braun, Roger Clemens, David Lee, Spencer Hawes

I sent Mark - better known as Fuji - of The Chronicles Of Fuji a handful of hits, plus some extras for his students. He posted his end of the deal a while back. In return, I picked up a pair of autos and a pair or jersey relics, as well as a handful of random Dodgers Mark was nice enough to send my way.

First, the jerseys:

2008 UD Spectrum Swatches
I love Spectrum Swatches; I've got a handful of them. Nice stitching
on the left side of the swatch as an added bonus.

2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters Knothole Gang
A full pinstripe partially obscured. Love the name of the set, and the design
in general, though cutting off part of the pinstripe
strikes me as poor design in this particular case.

Now, the autos:

2009 Bowman
I'm a huge David Lee fan, so this is a sweet pickup for me.

2007-2008 UD SP Rookie Edition Premier Prospects

I also like Spencer Hawes, and was surprised to see Sacramento trade him, even with Cousins coming in. If Philadelphia gave him more playing time, I have no doubts his numbers would return to their pre-Sixers levels. I imagine he'll be out of Philly soon and land with a team that will actually utilize him to the best of his abilities. And I write all of this as a man who knows little about basketball, so my analysis could be entirely off. Either way, I'm happy to add a Hawes' rookie auto to my collection.

The last card is perhaps the sickest of the bunch.

It's a 2008 Topps FUJI ON-CARD RED INK AUTO!

Thanks for the great trade Mark, hope to do it again!


  1. Hey Greg... glad you liked the cards... thanks for the trade!


  2. Thanks again to you as well! More trades in the future, I'm sure.