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Friday, March 18, 2011

Trade With Democratic Roadkill: Kemp, Tulowitzki, Ginter All Around

I completed a trade with Duane from Democratic Roadkill, and it just so happens to be my 50th trade (holy crap, that happened quickly). He posted some Ginter bait, and I bit on the Kemp and Troy Tulowitzki relics. It's my fifth Kemp 2010 A&G jersey relic, and my first relic of Tulowitzki of any kind. I sent Duane a Carl Crawford Ginter relic from 2008, plus some other assorted cardboard.

Duane also sent along six of the remaining nine cards I need to complete the 2010 Ginter Base Set, including SPs.

Thanks Duane! Hope you enjoy the cards which will go out this weekend, and I look forward to trading again.


  1. I wouldn't be me if I didn't at least ask about the availability of the Tulo. I understand if you want to keep it, but if you do I will be happy to give it a home.

  2. I would consider moving it, yes. Just depends on what's coming back. Either way, I still need to send your cards out from swap # 2, so we can figure it out after that.

    Let me know if you have anything I would find interesting.

  3. Well I have one Heritage retail box coming in next week and will probably order two hobby boxes the week after. So maybe I can get you a nice Dodger or Utley or Wright out of them, but I will give first claim on any relics or autos that I don't want to keep.

  4. Sounds good amigo, I'll keep an eye out for your break posts and see what you pull.