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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Greatest Autographs Around

Everything about these cards is phenomenal. The design. The sharp blue autos. The pictures UD used (Martin's floating helmet FTW). And of course, ON-CARD autos always take the cake.

I had been looking for these two cards forever, but never came across ones that fell within my range. Because they're awesome cards, they commanded an awesome price I was unwilling to pay. But, patience pays off. At least with cards and eBay.

So I was thankfully and fortunately able to snag the Kemp for $9 shipped - a winning bid of $6.01 - and the Russ Martin for $6.54 delivered, with a winning bid of four bucks and four pennies.

It's too bad Clayton did not have an autograph in this set. Regardless, another two fantastic additions to my first and third most important player collections.

So, do any of you have any Masterpieces autos, and if so, of whom?


  1. That Kemp is pretty sweet looking. I've got a Joel Zumaya card from this set....probably one of my favorite sets.

  2. I lovvvve this set too. I've got a Rich Hill and it looks amazing.

  3. I've got a Dan Uggla auto, a Brian McCann auto (http://tomahawkchopping.blogspot.com/2011/01/recent-ebay-pick-ups.html) and as you'll see tonight at my next scheduled blog release I just received a redemption auto of Kevin Youkilis.

  4. Man, you know I got these cards! 9 of em now :)

  5. That is a great set. I almost pulled the trigger on a Verlander that Joe C. was pushing.

  6. Thanks guys!

    Tim- I came across a Gold auto of Hill on eBay recently. Went for like 30 bucks if I recall correctly. The only Gold I've ever seen.

    Derek- That Youk is a beauty.

    Cam- Haha, I know! I still need to find you something for that Hamels Masterpieces relic.

    A.J.- Yes, yes you do haha.

    SMG- Yeah, I thought about getting a Hamels Auto from Joe C. The man must have busted every remaining case of the product by now.