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Friday, May 20, 2011

Trade With The Hopeful Chase: Manny Ramirez Sweet Spot

For the first time in forever, I can actually say this: here's a post on a package that arrived today. Recently, it's been taking me days, weeks, or even months to post things.


I completed my second trade with Justin from The Hopeful Chase. He e-mailed me about a Manny relic he had from 2008 UD Sweet Spot Baseball, and sent it my way in what was for him a blind trade. I was thankfully able to quickly find a Vinny Lecavalier relic to send his way, along with a couple of random hockey cards.

This is one of those franken-relics that depicts a player on a certain team (Red Sox) but lists him as playing for another (Dodgers). I always screw up when trying to figure out which of the two teams the relic thus comes from.

This would be a Dodgers' jersey swatch, right?

Thanks for reaching out and initiating the trade Justin!

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