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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trade With The Hopeful Chase: Blake DeWitt, Roy Campanella, Ginter

I sent Justin from The Hopeful Chase an e-mail after spotting a card he had available for trade. In exchange for a Nick Markakis 2009 Topps T-206 jersey relic and some random Orioles cards, he sent me ten cards I needed towards completing 2010's Ginter offering (three of them SPs), as well as this awesome hit and this sweet Roy Campanella card from 2010 National Chicle.

Thanks Justin! Enjoy the cards that are hopefully there or soon-to-arrive, and I hope to trade again.


  1. Cards received yesterday, should hopefully get a post up today while I'm snowed in...glad you enjoyed the Campy!

  2. Arno- What, Ryan Theriot doesn't do it for ya?

    Justin- Glad the cards made it to you safely. Thanks again!

  3. Greg - I'm undecided about the wright mini, I might chase that set too. I will give you first crack at it if I decide its up for trade.

  4. Sounds good Derek. I've still got to find something for those Kemp and Sands Platinum you were kind enough to set aside.