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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trade With Manupatches & Chrome Scratches: Jerry Sands, Matt Kemp, Shawn Marion

I spotted a sweet Jerry Sands card over at Manupatches & Chrome Scratches (a truly awesome blog name), and after leaving a comment about my desire to trade for the card, I quickly worked out a deal with Eric. He knocked off a pair of 1989 Topps I needed - I'm down to just two cards to complete the set - and included a number of other cards along with the Sands that started it all.

My first Shawn Marion cards (outside of a sweet patch I got via eBay which I'll get around to posting at some point in the future). Marion strikes me as the basketball version of Russell Martin - I can't envision a card of his with a bad picture. I was extremely saddened and dismayed when the Suns traded the Matrix.

Eric, your cards will be on their way Friday or Saturday. Royals, some Broncos cards, and a slew of manly mustache cards. Thanks again for the trade, I look forward to more in the future!


  1. Great Lakes Loons? That made me laugh.

  2. It is quite the interesting name. Minor League teams have the strangest team names.

    Based on what the card shows me, I'm assuming a Loon is a bird? Maybe....

  3. Glad you liked the cards. I hope we can trade again soon. I'll be posting more trade bait over the next couple weeks, so if you see something you like, give me a shout.

  4. Sounds good Eric, I'll keep an eye out. And your cards went out Friday, so they'll be there soon.

    Thanks again!