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Friday, February 4, 2011

1933 Goudey Indian Cards

Picked up this pair for $1.50 from eBay, with an extra two bucks thrown in for shipping. These go nicely with the one 1933 Goudey I picked up a few months back. I hope to own many, many more. And if they can all be had for a steal like these two, then I might never stop snatching up both variations of this classic set.


  1. Nice pick-ups. Love finding deals like that.

  2. Very nice. Any luck with the 1880's A&Gs?

  3. SMG- Thanks, I'm always surprised how cheaply some vintage can be had from eBay.

    DB- Gracias. Yeah, I've got a few posts I've been meaning to put up. I'm quite backlogged haha.