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Thursday, November 18, 2010

What $20(ish) Gets You In Vintage

I decided to take $20 or so and spend it at a card shop my dad came across and was kind enough to alert me to. It's Beverly Hills Baseball Card Shop. Peruse their site, they've got great stuff and specialize in vintage. Now I'm not schilling them to gain anything. Though I wouldn't be opposed to it!

Anyhoo, instead of spending the $20+ on a blaster box of some kind or a grip of singles and other assorted goodies at my local shop, which is what I would normally do, I decided to add to my minimal collection of vintage. For just $20, give or take (mostly give), here's what I walked away with.

My two favorites from my purchase:

1965 Topps NL ERA Leaders Koufax/Drysdale

1933 Goudey Jack Quinn

The remaining five cards:

1939 Play Ball Van Mungo

1966 Topps NL Leaders, all featuring Koufax

1966 Topps Dodgers Team Card

Jack Quinn played just two of his twenty-three major league seasons with the Brooklyn Dodgers, in 1931 and 1932, at the ages of 47 and 48. Quinn appeared in 81 games over those two seasons, with 80 of those 81 appearances coming out of the bullpen. In his first season with Brooklyn, Quinn, all 47 years of him, finished 17th in the MVP vote. Van Mungo played all but three of his major league seasons with Brooklyn. Mungo, a three-time All-Star, finished his career off with the New York Giants.

The Quinn is now the oldest baseball card I own, though I have a boxing card that is older, which I posted previously. In terms of pricing, the Quinn checked in at $9, the Van Mungo at $3, the Koufax/Drysdale '65 Topps at $5, the three 1966 Topps cards featuring Sandy at less than $2 each, and the team card at $1.25. I picked up an eighth card, but it has a purpose that does not involve remaining in my possession. All in all, the total was $23 and change before taxes, and just under $27 when all was said and done.

Not bad for an afternoon's work.


  1. Wow. I'm trying to envision what my local card shop would charge for the Goudey card, if it HAD ANY VINTAGE IN STOCK!

    My guess is it would be the entire 20 bucks.

    So, yeah, cool shop there.

  2. $23 well spent. It is always so much more rewarding to spend on vintage rather than new stuff.

  3. Night Owl- I guess the Quinn was only $9 because the back isn't in great shape, corners/edges and what not, but all I really cared about was that the front is near flawless considering how old the card is.

    I mean, $9 almost seems ridiculous in retrospect.

    Are No- The Koufax/Drysdale is my favorite of the bunch, it's so damn amazing I just want to stare at it for days and days haha.

    Adam- If only vintage wasn't so expensive (usually), I'd love to grab more of it.

  4. Nice pick ups. I love the Koufax/Drysdale.

    I'm gonna check that place out.

  5. Definitely give it a look DB, the shop itself is awesome. Lots of older packs, tons of cool stuff. Good amount of Dodgers stuff as well, always a plus.

  6. As pretty much everyone else said, the Koufax/Drysdale is awesome.

    Never been a fan of vintage (save for some of the old-time rookie cards). Some people really love it, though.

  7. Dustin- Re: Koufax/Drysdale, thanks.

    I don't know why, but just knowing that I own something that's slowly making its way to 100 years in existence feels right. Plus anything Brooklyn is pretty awesome.

    Maybe it's partially because I know I won't be pulling a '33 Goudey from a pack anytime soon haha.