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Friday, May 6, 2011

Trade With Crinkly Wrappers: Matt Kemp Auto, Kemp/Kershaw/Russ Martin PC Additions

I completed my third trade with Ted from Crinkly Wrappers. You can read about the first here and the second here. This time around, Ted posted a sick box break of 2009 UD Icons. I was very interested - as you might imagine - in the Matt Kemp auto. Ted was looking for 2011 Heritage stuff he needed, but I have yet to purchase any of it. So I went a different route, and thankfully Ted was a willing accomplice. In exchange for a Ricky Romero card that Ted - and Ted alone - owns, I was rewarded with these fantastic cards.

First up, the Kemp Auto that started it all:


Ted was curious if I needed anything else, and I said cards of my three main player collections were always welcome, but nothing was needed. Ted, always the generous one, threw in a number of cards for those three main collections.

Manu-Letter Patch

I ended getting the right amount of light to make Kemp's glove
look golden. Unintentional, but so frickin' awesome.

An original. Not one of them reprints
from the last year or so.
But honestly, who reprints a seven- or eight-year-old set?

Oh, and does anyone know the print run on these? I only ask because the back says "5 of 10", and I'm curious as to what the Topps Gods mean by that. Probably should have taken a picture of the back. Probably.


Here's where I need your help (or Ted's). Or you and Ted. Either way, as far as I can deduce, the only difference between these two cards is the top and bottom edges on the left one, which are perforated, for lack of a better term. Is the left variation a short print? Part of some franken-box topper? Any help would be appreciated so I can list these with the rest of my Russ Martin collection, and list them properly.

There were a couple more cards included, one of which was a very nice Manny #'d 21/99. I always love picking up Manny cards, especially ones that picture him in Blue.

As always, thanks for another great trade Ted! I appreciate your generosity, and I look forward to trade four.


  1. The deckle edge Martin is a parallel of the base set card. I don't know how often they appear -- it's your basic parallel.

    Nice cards. Really like the Kershaw. I don't have too many of those letter things.

  2. Night Owl is correct. The deckle edge card was a parallel set from 2009 Ticket to Stardom. They did the whole set like that. Kinda silly if you ask me but it fits with the theme of the set.

    The Billingsley 2003 Topps came from the factory set. They had a pack of ten rookies that were exclusive to the factory sets only.

  3. Thank you gentlemen, I appreciate your help.

    And thanks again Ted!