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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Box Break: 2005 Just Minors Dual Signatures Part 2

The second of two discounted hobby boxes I picked up on the cheap from Dave and Adam's. The results of the first box can be found here. Only the Delcarmon base card has been claimed (Adam E., check the comments on that post and let me know if you still want the Manny), so anything you see that interests you from that box, claim away.

Here's how I did the second time around. Everything is available.

Pablo Ozuna


I also pulled a Silver Edition, #'d 46/200, of Jose Vaquedano (Boston property). The best card I pulled was probably the base card of Andre Ethier. Well, it's at least my favorite card.

This product is a lot of fun to bust, and three guaranteed autographs for $20 bucks is a great deal, particularly considering I picked these up for just under $14 apiece. However, as you can see from my two-box break, there's a ton of risk involved - the best auto I pulled is the Ozuna 8x10, I guess - and the product is loaded with failed prospects. But, even with all that being said, I will probably eventually pick up another two boxes.


  1. Have you busted any of the Just Minors auto-per-pack boxes? Some of them are nice and cheap as well, but you stand a better chance of hitting something good. It's fun stuff to bust.

  2. I have a box of 2007 Just Minors that I'm dying to bust into. 12 packs, 12 autos.

    Just Minors is the best.

    Love it.