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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Pair of '56s In The Mail Is A Day I Enjoy: Newcombe and Rosen

The Newcombe was somehow set at a BIN price of $1.99, which shocked me, but not enough to prevent me from quickly pulling the trigger. For whatever it's worth, it books for $50. My only gripe was that for $3 shipping, the seller sent the Newcombe in a plain white envelope.


Some people.

The Rosen came in at a smooth 99 cents in another awesome auction victory, with a couple of bucks to ship it. In a bubble mailer, I might add.

Bonus points to you, random eBayer.

Compared to the Newcombe seller, you're a bonafide mensch.

My Rosen collection is slowly coming to a close in terms of the vintage Rosen I need, with both 1952 offerings - Topps and Bowman - the main cards to allude my grasp thus far.


  1. Nice looking cards. I have been trying to get some Al Rosen cards since you've been posting about him.

  2. Thanks Spiegel! You should definitely pick up a Rosen or two, they're quite affordable.

    And awesome.

    OF course.

  3. Niiiiice! Thats the Rosen I got signed. Sweet card.

  4. Thanks A.J.!

    And no idea why "OF" was completely capitalized haha.