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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A HUGE Vintage Roy Campanella Pickup

Snagged this bad boy a while back from the Bay. I was really surprised it stayed under the price of a blaster, and I was stoked to win the auction. I may have overpaid a bit on it, but at the time I thought - and I still have no qualms over it - that the price was right for the good condition the card is in. Regardless of whether I shelled out too much dough or not, I'm thrilled to add this wonderfully awesome card to my Campy PC, which still needs a post it can call its own.

Roy's smiling mug, the fantastic play at the plate (I'm sure Roy was safe) makes this one of my all-time favorite cards.


  1. So, is it available for trade? I hear Julie has a 5 year old piece of gum available...

    just kidding, nice pick-up

  2. Cool! Although I am not a big fan of landscaped card design, this one works so well. Nice 'get'.

  3. Sweet card! The '56 set is a classic for sure and this is one of the reasons why.

  4. Thanks gents.

    db- It might take two pieces of gum. Maybe three.

  5. For less than a blaster? No way you overpaid.