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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trade With Pirates Treasure Room: A Matt Kemp Jersey Relic I Needed

I completed my first trade with a Pirates fan, Brian from Pirates Treasure Room. Brian's just getting his blog into gear, and when you get a chance, go and follow him and welcome him to the community. He's got a great layout, and the sickest Andrew McCutchen PC you'll ever see.

Brian e-mailed me about a Kemp relic I needed, and in exchange for a Ross Ohlendorf 2010 Ginter auto, it was mine. Brian was also nice enough to send me nine base cards from 2011 Ginter that I was in need of. My Ginter needs have accordingly been updated.

Thanks for the great trade Brian, I look forward to many more in the future!

And finally, another quick contest plug. Head on over to Cheap Card Collecting for what is shaping up to be a sweet contest. Because really, who doesn't like free cards?


  1. Thanks for the trade and the pimpage. I just pulled a Kershaw relic last night that I think you may be interested in. I'll post about it later in week and you can have first dibs if you want.

  2. Sounds good Brian, I'll keep a lookout.

    Thanks again!