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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Piece Of Russell Martin's All-Star Game Festivities Jersey

For just 99 cents - and three dollars to ship this within the boundaries of Southern California - I picked up a new relic for my Russell Martin Collection. It is a parallel of the golden variety, numbered out of 50. My card is 13/50, and the star-shaped area which houses his 2008 ASG Festivities Jersey Relic is a very nice touch. Kudos to Topps on that front.

Topps has pledged to bring us all closer to the game. Apparently, the game includes the pre-game festivities and interviews. I kid Topps. At least they were up-front about it.

Oh, and here's some even better news (well, it's good news for me, at the least). I have a scanner! To tell you the truth, I just realized this weekend that our printer has scanner capabilities. So I am no longer forced to take pictures of cards when the option of stealing a scan from the internet or an eBay seller does not present itself.

How happy am I to finally have a scanner? This feeling swept over me:

On second thought, I guess that is good news for you guys and gals as well, as your eyes will appreciate the high-quality scans that will now appear. I fully intend on scanning a number of cards from my Kemp, Kershaw, and Martin PCs that currently are in picture form.



  1. Time to make a photobucket or picasa

  2. Too tech-savvy for my simple mind haha.