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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Rare Matt Kemp Rookie Parallel, Now Residing In The Plaschke Household

Rare-ish might be more accurate. I was able to land this sick red parallel - numbered out of 199 - of Matty's 2005 Bowman's Best card (my copy is 198/199). Any Matt Kemp card from 2005 is a good friend of mine, and for just $2.50 I was able to win this from eBay, along with another card to take advantage of combined shipping. Gotta love combined shipping. Always so sweet.

I was extremely fortunate to land this beauty at the ridiculously great price I got it at. It books for thirty bucks, and can be found on COMC for a twenty spot.

My Kemp PC is shaping up nicely. For a time I was on a relic and auto kick, but I've recently been adding base cards, inserts, and parallels through trade and the occasional eBay purchase.

In regards to Kemp's various 2005 offerings, I've got four different cards, including parallels of three of them. This Bowman's Best is the only card that resides without similar companions, but at the least I started off with a nicely short-printed parallel, as opposed to the base version of it.

The one thing I do lack from Kemp's early cards is an autograph. A couple have ended just beyond my grasp, and considering Matty's season, I don't really foresee myself being able to land one anytime soon. Unless someone has one they'd be willing to trade/sell/a combination of both to me.

I will reward you very, very handsomely....

Oh. I start Grad School tonight. That should be fun. I guess.


  1. Good luck with Grad School. The great thing about it is that unlike undergrad, every semester has only classes in your 'major', no General Ed stuff that's outside your area of expertise or interest.

  2. Thanks Matt! I haven't had to take any non-History courses since junior college, thankfully.

  3. I've still got the Kemp base version (and the Edmonds GU and David Lee RC) sitting here for whenever I see something on your trade list that catches my eye.

    Good luck with the start of school!

  4. Steve- I'll definitely hit you up if I can scrounge up something that I think you'd like!

  5. i also have the same Matt Kemp card 171/199 and its my favorite card! congratulations on owning one!