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Monday, September 26, 2011

Jerry Sands and Russell Westbrook Look Delightful In Blue

I haven't found much in the way of affordable Jerry Sands cards in recent weeks, but thankfully this beauty popped up and was had for three bucks shipped. It's the blue border parallel of his 2010 Topps Pro Debut card, #'d 021/369.

Any numbered Sands card is a friend of mine. And a card I want to own.

I will always, always pick up Russell Westbrook hits that can be had on the cheap. I do believe this baby qualifies, running me a cool buck from my LCS as part of a five relics for five bucks deal.

This is the fifth or so Westbrook relic I have, and it happens to be numbered as well, 237/249. I'm not a basketball guy, but I do believe it's from 2011 Panini Gold Standard (a Gold Crowns insert, I suppose). It is most certainly very, very gold and foil-y. Not friendly to the touch, that's for sure.

I find Panini's write-up on the back quite humorous (click image above to embiggen and laugh - or not - for yourself).