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Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Russell Martin Awesomeness. Because I Find Good Deals.

Another post, another pair of additions to my Russell Martin PC. First up, this sweet 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones autograph that I picked up for under four bucks shipped from the Bay. It marks my nineteenth Russ autograph.

Following the auto is my second (but not my last, hint hint) gold parallel of a shiny Russ card. It is my first gold parallel of Russell in a Yankees uniform, and was surprisingly affordable, what with Yankees cards tending to sell like one would expect anything with the New York logo on it to sell for.

I was very fortunate to snag this bad boy for $3.54 delivered, with a winning bid of just a dollar and four pennies. It is numbered 35/50 and is from the bajillionth Topps release of the year (I kid Topps), 2011 Topps Chrome. No bend equals a happy Greg.

I'm slowly inching my way towards 150 unique Martin cards. One very large eBay/through eBay purchase will take me there, and I should have that post up and its contents revealed later this week (included in said post is my favorite Martin Moments & Milestones card).


  1. 19 Russell autos? That's pretty damn impressive my friend. They're all Dodger autos, right?

  2. Thank you good sir.

    And yup yup, all Dodgers autos. Don't think he has a Yankees auto just yet. Probably will next year though.

  3. You continue to be my eBay inspiration, lol.

  4. Haha, why thank you! I should totally start up a business.

    "I WILL find you great deals on eBay for a reasonable fee*."

    *Fee can be paid in cards.

    I'm sold.