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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Russell Martin Is Stunning and Sterling In Refractive Black

Speaking of low serial-numbered refractors that I previously owned zero copies of, here's the newest addition to my Russell Martin PC. There's an eBay seller I've bought from a couple of times who was clearly - in a previous life - a Martin collector. She consistently has awesome Russ cards up, and I was extremely fortunate to take down this shiny bad boy for 99 cents, plus two fifty to ship it my way.

My scan does this card no justice whatsoever. It is really, really shiny, and has that fantastic refractor-y look to it. Because it is in fact a refractor. From 2008 Bowman Sterling comes this sweet bat relic, and it's the black parallel to boot, numbered out of just 25. My particular copy is #'d 15/25.

Wicked has the /50 parallel of this card (I think that's the one he has....he has some variety of this Martin relic), which I am desperately trying to pry away from him. The Wicked One presently has three awesome Martin hits set aside for me, and I must have them all! You know I'll put together a worthy package for everything I want to deal for! It'll just take some time Alfredo.


  1. I love when former collectors sell. I bought my Fred McGriff auto from an ebay user named "FredMcGriffFan."

  2. Haha, her handle wasn't that obvious, but all of her items more than made up for it!