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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Yes, I Am Attempting Another Russell Martin Rainbow.

Today's pickup has some familiar aspects to it: another Russell Martin, another autograph, and another sweet black parallel numbered out of just 25 copies. I had never once seen this card before. Anywhere. Not on eBay, not on COMC, not on some random site of some random (or not so random) blogger.

Never. Ever. Before.

So you can see how I would want to win this auction when it popped up on eBay no matter the cost. And so I did. The cost, however, was not as exorbitant as I might have imagined it to be. Which is great for me. For $13 delivered, this bad boy came home to papa.


As I have written time and time again, I love minor league autos. With a passion. Also, it's pretty cool that this newest Martin addition still has the Just Minors sticker affixed to the toploader. My copy of this black parallel is #'d 3/25.

And, as the title alludes to, I have decided to chase another Russ Rainbow. My progress on the first - Russ's 2008 UD Spectrum Swatches line of cards - can be found here. I will soon list what I need for this rainbow. Which I think is just a printing plate, whatever the 1/1 auto is technically called, some non-auto parallels, and probably another two or three autograph parallels. Any help on what I exactly need to track down would be awesomely awesome and appreciated.

Anyhoo, I'm stoked to have this pretty little thing in my Martin PC. Here's the rest of the rainbow that I currently own (the base auto, the silver parallel auto /100, and the base parallel /200 which is also somehow a silver parallel).

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