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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Pair Of Numbered LaDainian Tomlinson Rookie Cards

Both from the Bay, and both were dirt cheap. Onwards....

2001 Fleer Ultra, #'d 0421/2499. The seller mentioned in the description that there was some damage in the top right corner, and I was expecting more than I found. Most cards nowadays have some sort of edge or corner damage, and the edge damage here is nothing I can't live with. It books for $25, and I snagged it for $3.24 delivered.

I'm surprised the seller didn't try to sell this as some sort of eBay-franken-1/1, considering LT's pro number is in the serial-numbering. Just think if it had been 0521/2499....the price I would have had to pay!

#'d 0039/2000 and from 2001 Pacific Invincible, this Afterburners card is fantastic. I love the color scheme and photo of LT. Grabbed it for a buck ninety-nine, and it books for $12. Which, again, tells you all you need to know about Book Value.

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