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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Handful Of Locally Grown Cheap Pickups.

All but two of these cards came from my LCS. All, including the pair of non-LCS cards, were exceptionally cheap. Away we go....

A sick Troy Tulowitzki Unity Relic, #'d 09/36 and featuring a sweet pinstripe. Rockies fans (so Johnny and Eric), I take it the pinstripe makes this a piece of Tulo's pants? Whatever type of relic this is, it's a welcome addition to my Tulo and Long Beach State PC. It was two bucks via my shop's eBay store.

David Wright is my favorite non-Dodger, and for two bucks from my local, this was an easy pickup.

Another two dollar addition, and I came across it the same day I stumbled upon the above Wright. A new hit for my small collection of The Hebrew Hammer, the newly crowned 2011 NL MVP. Even though Matt Kemp got jobbed....

An autograph I'm really excited to feature, as I've been after a Jonas Hiller signature for a while. This is one of those non-LCS gets, and it ran me just under three dollars delivered via eBay (with a winning bid of just 99 cents, no less). Upper Deck did a pretty good job of not making the sticker gaudy, and Hiller inscribing his number offsets the auto being on a sticker in my book.

I've been a big Jim Edmonds fan for some time, and this marks my first hit of the future Hall of Famer, running me a dollar from my LCS. I'm pleased with how well it scanned (it's a beautifully-designed card from 2002 Topps Pristine), and it's numbered to boot, 0314/1000. An Edmonds auto is definitely on my Cardboard Bucket List.

A card I picked up some time ago with another blogger in mind, but he ended up not having an interest in it, and it's such an aesthetically-pleasing card that I decided I'd keep it after all. Being an on-card auto certainly helps. It was 99 cents and arrived from my local's eBay store. Brian Gionta's signature leaves much to be desired.

Penultimately, my first relic of one of the greatest pitchers of all-time, a sure-fire Hall of Famer, a man with a fantastic first name, and a man who had two stints with the Dodgers, Greg Maddux. It features part of a nice pinstripe, and was 99 cents via eBay many months ago. Pretty sure I snagged it with some other cards and took advantage of combined shipping. Fleer scored majorly with this beauty, as the Braves logo works really well with the red outline of the relic area.

And finally, this sweet dual relic of former Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman, which is #'d 91/99. It was a cool 99 cents from my LCS's eBay store, and is actually a dual relic, as the jersey pieces are of a different material. It pairs exceptionally well with this dual patch - #'d 34/35 - of Merriman from the same set I picked up a long, long time time ago.


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