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Monday, November 7, 2011

Trade With Too Many Grandersons: Jay Bruce Auto, Smoak On The Manupatch, David Wright Looks So Young, Joey Bats, and SAITO!

I completed my second trade with Dennis, who runs the great and always entertaining Too Many Grandersons. This trade was begun long, long ago, in a time far far away. I think it was somewhere around April, maybe May....something like that. Anyways, I had a couple of cards Dennis liked, and set them aside for him. I eventually found some bait of his I liked, and we were close to a deal but still a bit short on my end of the proceedings. I finally found a Michigan auto that pushed the swap to completion, and we had ourselves a really great trade.

The prize for me was this sweet on-card Jay Bruce RC auto. I'm a huge Bruce fan, so this was a great get for me. And again, on-card. Can't be beat.

Next up, a pair of Justin Smoak manupatch autos. I like Smoak, and have been in search of a signature of the young first basemen for some time. Also, I've been interested in putting together a full name of manupatch autos, and Smoak has both decently affordable autos and a short last name. Dennis helped me get 40% of the way there, so hopefully I can finish this off at some point. I've added the necessary signed letters needed to my Want List. Oh, and the "O" is some sort of parallel, and #'d 19/20.

David Wright's 2001 UD XRC; Wright is my favorite non-Dodger. This acquisition means I now have both of Wright's premier RCs, as I acquired his 2002 Bowman RC a while back, which completed the David Wright Trifecta.

The first and only Dodger of this trade, Takashi Saito! It's my first Saito hit of any kind, and he was so good as a Dodger, I just felt it was appropriate to acquire this RC auto of his. It's #'d 242/999.

Penultimately, a Jose Bautista RC. Why? Why not, I ask? He's morphed into an elite offensive force, and I have two other RCs of his, so why not complete a mini Trifecta on top of acquiring a card from a great set like 2002 Bowman. Dennis informed me the card had a couple of creases (on the left side, near Bautista's right hand and right shin), but that wasn't an issue for me. If I keep all three, then it obviously makes no difference, and if I decide to part with them, I'll deal with it then.

And finally, some randomness, including a gold-bordered Carlos Santana, a pair of numbered Cole Hamels (Hamelii?), and a new Matt Kemp parallel.

I've already acquired a small stack of cards I think Dennis will absolutely love, so another trade should not be far down the line. All that remains is for me to find some of his for trade cards that pique my interest. Until then, thanks for this great trade Dennis! Your cards are on their way, and should hopefully be arriving shortly!


  1. Very jealous of the Prospect Premiere.

  2. That is a sweet Jay Bruce auto. Did I send you that Ethier manu-patch? I can't remember if I did or not

  3. Adam- I thought you might be! I love getting new Wright cards. Good luck grabbing one, it will happen in time!

    Kevin- You did! I guess I forgot to tell you...sorry about that, and thanks! You've got a mention coming your way in my Thursday post!