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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Knocking Off Another Major Al Rosen Need: 1952 Bowman

This is one of those cards I chased for a very long time, but was ultimately unwilling to pay what I felt were inflated prices. Prices based off of the fact that 1952 was a good year for cards. I had the same trouble acquiring Rosen's 1952 Topps card, but patience paid off on that front, and it finally paid off on this one as well.

I was able to land this well, well-loved beauty for $3.97 shipped. All that remains are his 1951 Topps Red Back, 1961 Topps MVP, and '55 Topps Double Header cards, as well as some of the rarer odd ball items, such as his 1954 Dan-Dee offering, Bell Brand card, and the like. By the by, I can't find any info online about a Rosen Bell Brand card, and yet I swear I once came across one on the Bay. Anyways....