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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Russell Martin All-Star Jersey Diamond Parallel, All Made Possible Because of eBay Ineptitude

Note to eBay sellers: if your aim is to make money off of the items you list, make sure to list them properly. Of course, if you're trying to part with cards I want, including those of Russell Martin, I'm all for terribly worded and pictured items.

Because without terrible wording and a terrible picture, this awesome relic, #'d 42/60 and containing a piece of Russ' 2011 All-Star Game Festivities Jersey, would have run me more than the roughly four and a half dollars it did. Because every other /60 diamond parallel jersey swatch of his I've seen on the Bay certainly sold for more. I think my favorite aspect of the card is the diamonds in the desert, which gives it a distinctly awesome night card feel. Someone would approve. But then again, he'd hate that it was Russ as a Yankee.

This seller failed to list that it was the parallel version, and took a mediocre picture of the card. Now, the serial numbering was visible, and the diamond-y look was visible and obvious too, but it was such a terrible listing that it clearly affected the final price the card ended at. Here's the description the seller came up with: "2011 Topps--Russell Martin-- game worn jersey baseball card", with a further description of "great condition". You can find the image he or she used below.

Thanks, random eBayer. You've helped my collection immensely.


  1. Nice eye, glad you found this on the cheap. Nice work by the seller.

  2. see, eBay is good for something sometimes...nice pickup Greg

  3. Gotta love that. My favorite is finding Ryan Bruan or Bryan Braun cards for cheap.

  4. A.J.- Haha, thanks!

    Robert- I'm nothing if not a sucker for eBay.

    Moe- Gracias good sir.

    Cam- You have no idea how hard I laughed when I read "Bryan Braun". That's so ridiculous it's truly comical! And good for you, most importantly.

  5. Bryan Braun is only the greatest Braun to have ever lived! He's only matched in his excellence by Price Fielder.

  6. dude - thats a very nice card. but i wouldnt exactly say the ebay pic was worhtless. although it doesnt show the full brilliance of the diamond night, at that angle it looks like a starry night, and those cacti look great. that would have def. caught my eye as a cool looking card.
    for under $5, even better.
    BTW - i wouldnt bid against you on that too, cuz im also not interested in martin wearing pinstripes.

  7. Stealing Home- Thanks! And yeah, the picture's not that terrible, but it could be better. I do love that it looks like a night card though.

    And sweet, I've got the market semi-cornered on Martin as a Yankee cards haha! At least amongst Dodgers fans....