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Thursday, December 22, 2011

That Other Site, In Which I Don't Write About Cards, But Provide Actual Analysis.

I'm unsure if I ever announced the switch, but Memories of Kevin Malone morphed into ChadMoriyama.com a few months back, and I followed Chad over there and have been writing for his new site. I just wanted to finally mention that, as well as link to all of my 2011 Dodger Seasons In Review I published over there, for anyone who might be interested in reading actual baseball analysis from me. It's an increasingly rare thing, I know, but I plan to rectify that in 2012.

1st Base
2nd Base
3rd Base
Left Field
Center Field
Right Field

And for anyone who is still reading, and to keep with the actual theme of this here blog, let me show off my gorgeous 1956 Topps Jackie Robinson again. Because really, I can't possibly ever show that card off enough.


  1. 1956 Jackie? No doubt... the greatest card ever produced!

  2. I can't possibly argue against that Fuji haha.