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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trade With Cardboard Conundrum: Clayton Kershaw, Philip Rivers, and Some Set Needs. Oh, and Vegas, Baby.

I completed my fourth trade with Matt of Cardboard Conundrum. You can check out the first here, the second here, and the third here. Matt posted some bait recently, and I bit. In exchange for an auto, a relic, and some Ginter needs, he sent me these two great hits.

Though it was never listed on my Most Wanted List, this Clayton Kershaw 2011 Topps Lineage '75 Mini Relic has been a card I've desired for some time. I had it coming in another trade, but I haven't heard back from that blogger in a while, so I decided I wouldn't pass the card up when I had the chance to secure it again. If I end up with two copies, I won't be disappointed in the least. A sweet addition to my Kershaw PC, indeed.

Another Philip Rivers for my small PC of him. I'm still on the lookout for an affordable Rivers autograph.

Matt sent along this sweet 2011 Allen & Ginter black-bordered mini of the reigning Cy Young Award winner. I absolutely love Ginter black-bordered minis, and this is one badass card of Kid K.

Finally, Matt knocked out a handful of my remaining '11 Ginter needs, sending me two Animals in Peril, the last Uninvited Guest I needed, six Hometown Heroes, and two base cards, one of which (Russ Martin!) is a short-print. He also included three 2004 Fleer Platinum cards I was in need of, which is much appreciated.

Thanks for the great trade Matt!

On a side note, I'm headed to Vegas with the boys for a couple of days. As with my very recent Tennessee trip, I've got posts scheduled for each of the days I'll be away. I'm in the process of putting together packages for a handful of you, and they should go out Saturday when I return, barring anything unforeseen.


  1. Nothing like a late night of clickity clack and free beer. 7 come 11 baby! Good luck.

  2. Cool be looking forward to it. I might have a TTT Rivers I would.be willing.to trade