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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trade With My Best Friend Aaron: He's An Astros Fan, So He Hates Albert Pujols. I Benefit.

Hate is a strong word. He respects King Albert, but again, is an Astros fan. So I was able to swing a deal for this sweet relic of the newest Southern California baseball player. My best buddy is not a huge card guy, but he pulled this Pujols hit years ago, and I've eyed it for some time.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I love the throwbacks (I assume) that Albert is wearing. A very aesthetically-pleasing uniform. I've yet to figure out everything I'll be sending Aaron's way, but a Jeff Bagwell rookie card and one of the many doubles of Matt Kemp's 2010 Ginter relic I have are certainly going to spearhead the group of cards he'll receive.

Thanks Aaron for the Pujols and hosting me in Tennessee for what was one of the best weeks of my twenty-two years!


  1. With a little work you could easily get that updated into an Angels card!

  2. THAT is a gorgeous card! I love the old Cardinals jersey and Pujols will always be a Cardinal in my mind.


  3. Haha, true enough Dennis, but I think I'll let it remain as is. As Kyle said, I'll always think of Pujols as a Cardinal.