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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Site News: I'm Off To See Snow? God I Hope So.

I'll be out of town and out of state beginning today and running through the 19th. Wherever shall I be, you're probably not asking? Well, I'm off to Tennessee to hang with my best friend, who's a Grad Student at the University of Tennessee. It'll be my first time off of the West Coast in any extended fashion, so I'm really looking forward to an awesome trip filled with amazing Southern food, snow (which I've never seen), and a Falcons-Jaguars game. Which, of course, means I'm pulling for the Jags and Mojo Drew.

I've got some posts scheduled for the upcoming week I'm away, and they feature a little bit of everything: Erin Hawksworth, maybe a bit of opinion, cards, and some randomness. Feel free to e-mail me while I'm away if we're currently engaged in trade talks or you'd like to start talks, though I'm not sure if I'll be on a computer beyond participating in my best friend's fantasy basketball draft. I tend to use these excursions as a way to get away from things like the internet, Facebook, and what not. I'll try my best to keep up with as many blogs as I can while I'm away, though I doubt I'll comment at all.

Anyhoo, enjoy your week everyone, and I'll be back with a post on the 20th before I depart for a quick trip to Vegas.


  1. I hope you see snow! From someplace where snow happens quite frequently, I'm always amused to hear that someone hasn't seen the fluffy white stuff. Have fun, and I hope you get to see some!

  2. don't know where in Tenn. you are headed, but if you get near Jackson, there is the Casey Jones Museum with a restaurant with a small southern style buffet that is out of this world for good southern food. I highly recommend it. We stop there eery time we drive through that way. It's exit 80a off of I-40 East/West, about half way between Nashville and Memphis. Have fun. Of course, if you're near Memphis, head south to Mississippi about 30-45 minutes and hit Paula Deen's buffet at Harrah's on the river, cause everything tastes better with butter!!

  3. Tennessee seems like a "no snow" place to an Upstate New Yorker like me. But maybe you'll get lucky.

    Actually, I haven't even seen an inch of snow this year and I live in one of the big snow belt areas!

    Have fun!

  4. pshaw, Snow's overrated trust me, I woke up to over 6 inches of it yesterday.

  5. i used to see snow quite a bit back in the 80's.
    *wink, wink - nudge, nudge*