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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trade With Cardboard Conundrum: Scott Rolen Auto and A Pair Of Hockey Hits

I completed my third trade with Matt from Cardboard Conundrum. You can read about the first here and the second here. I sent Matt a '50s Cub, a pair of relics, and two autos from my break of 2004 Fleer Platinum. In return, I received this pair of autos and relic:

I immediately wanted this Scott Rolen Auto - from 1999 Topps - as soon as I saw Matt post it up as bait. An on-card auto of a future Hall Of Famer, and a third baseman to boot. It's a beautiful card. Did I mention it's an on-card auto?

That was a pretty swell selling point. Plus, that diamond design is just the kicker.

Not really, but I do like the design of this card a lot.

Kunitz chipped in six points in the Ducks Stanley Cup run of 2007. But I always go back to this when I think of him:


Thanks for another great trade Matt, I look forward to the next one!

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