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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Bargain-Basement Jerry Sands Bowman Sterling Rookie Autograph.

Another cheap eBay purchase, another Jerry Sands autograph. I've been fortunate enough that the two have gone hand-in-hand a number of times thus far in my time collecting Jerry's John Hancocks. Hopefully that trend will continue. My latest Sands addition was scored for just 99 cents plus shipping:

So shiny! Dirty scanner not withstanding. It's a "rookie" autograph from 2011 Bowman Sterling. I'll give Topps credit for the sticker not being so obvious, though of course an on-card auto, like Sands' 2010 Bowman Platinum signatures, would have been more enjoyable. I need to get all of my Jerrys scanned and posted; it'll happen....eventually.


  1. 99 cents? Nice!

    I think these are great looking cards. They should've given Javy Guerra one.

  2. Looks nice. I like when the autograph ink matches the team color somehow. I was also going to ask in my comment if it even was a sticker autograph because I couldn't tell, so they did a nice job with that. Think he'll see more playing time this year?

  3. Who's Gary Ab?

    Nah, just kidding. Great-looking card. Just wish the signatures SORT OF looked like the name of the front.

  4. DB- I was stoked to get one for 99 cents (and shipping). And yeah, I'm a bit surprised Guerra didn't get one. Racking up saves generally impresses the masses.

    Stealing Home- Thanks man!

    Dennis- I wish he was starting, but in all likelihood he'll be in AAA to start the year with Loney at first and Rivera in left. Unless they use Rivera as a platoon partner for Loney and Ethier as they should, and then he'd start in left. I think by the ASG Jerry will be starting in the bigs for good though.

    Owl- Thanks! And agreed, so many guys have such "interesting" sigs.