Friday, January 20, 2012

Trade With DodgerBobble: A Rubby De La Rosa Auto Classes Up The Joint.

I completed my second trade with my good buddy DodgerBobble, who runs your one-stop shop for all of your bobblehead news. I sent DB a Ramon Troncoso auto and one of my Matt Kemp '08 Ginter relics, as well as some good old fashioned randomness. The prize of the deal for me was one of a handful of Rubby De La Rosa rookie signatures DB had plucked from eBay:

Sick. De La Rosa is recovering from Tommy John surgery, but his future in the organization is bright. Which of course means we must keep Ned Colletti away from him at all costs.

Next up, a new Clayton Kershaw, the base version /799 from 2011 Topps Tier One. I'd love to one day get my hands on a Kershaw auto, as well as a Kemp auto, from Tier One. Love the look of them, but they're well out of my price range at the moment.

And finally, a few items of note. First, a new Russ Martin. National Chicle is ridiculously aesthetically-appealing. My UCLA and Long Beach State PCs were helped with the #'d XFractor Weaver, Chicle Longo, and a not scanned Mojo Drew card. Any LT is a good LT in my book. I love the 1989 Topps wrapper, a set from the the year of my birth - and one of the first sets I put together when I reentered the hobby - featuring one of my favorite Topps designs.

Thanks for the great cardboard swap DB!