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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trade With Cards From The Quarry: A Mike Piazza Bat Slice, A Numbered Bison, and Some Needed Set Needs.

I completed my fourth trade with Johnny of Cards From The Quarry fame. You can check out the first here, the second here, and the third here. I sent my Rockies friend an auto, a low, low serial-numbered TriStar card, and a rookie cup card he needed from the 60s. In return, I received these great cards.

First up, a Mike Piazza relic is always a welcome addition to my collection. Especially a bat relic. Next, Johnny knocked off the two remaining SPs I was in need of from 2011 Ginter, as well as a Hometown Hero and the final mini I needed to complete the Step Right Up insert set (in the form of The Human Cannonball). A welcome sight was a pair of 2004 Fleer Platinum cards, as I slowly chip away at that awesome set.

Penultimately, a pair of sweet 2008 Triple Threads cards. Matty and Jackie make a fitting duo. The Kemp, #'d 1336/1350, is a new addition to my Bison PC and brings the total number of unique Kemp cards I own to 145. The Jackie is the Sepia Parallel /525.

Finally, Johnny sent a potpourri of Dodgers, as well as thirteen Troy Tulowitzki cards I did not have, a major help as I slowly build that new PC. I can't imagine how many Tulo dupes he has, and I'm thrilled he sent me a big chunk of 'em.

Thanks for another great trade Johnny!


  1. Not even close to a BIG chunk. I have a lot more for when we trade again. My Tulos are about at the same level as your Kemps (#-wise not rarity-wise).

    Glad everything got there okay and don't sell yourself short. It wasn't a random rookie cup from the 60s, it was Hall of Famer Tony Perez's rookie cup from the 60s.

    Hopefully our next trade won't take 8 months to finish. hehe

  2. Haha, awesome Johnny. Glad we could work out a great deal!