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Monday, September 12, 2011

Site News: A Few New Players I'll Collect Because We Shall Have Degrees From The Same Place

I mentioned once that I was starting Grad School last week. I have previously mentioned on numerous occasions that I attended UCLA to complete my undergraduate studies. Unfortunately, UCLA did not offer any Grad programs in History that applied to the degree I'm shooting for - a Master's - or the other subject I was willingly to study and take classes for (journalism).

So, I applied and was accepted to Long Beach State for Grad School, and will be working towards a Master's in History. How does this relate to cards in any way?

Well, as with a few of my UCLA-related player collections, I will be adding three more payers to the long list of guys I collect. And, you guessed it, they each attended Long Beach State. Without further adieu, the three Dirtbags I would like to attain relics, autos, and rookie cards of are:

Troy Tulowitzki
Evan Longoria
Jered Weaver

Again, just relics, autos, and rookie cards (for now) of these guys. Because I have far too many cards as is. So I'll limit myself to just the good stuff. I mean, if you send me base cards and inserts of these guys, I won't turn 'em down, and they'll fit nicely in some pages in a binder. But momentarily, my primary focus with these new gentlemen I'll be collecting is the aforementioned good stuff. The top-notch, high-end goodies. Well, as high-end as a regular old relic can be, I suppose.

Anyways, I had a Tulo 2010 Ginter bat relic that I traded away a while back, so I'm left with just the following cards of these three guys to start my new collections with.

(hidden face and mutant elbow FTW)


This is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.


  1. Pay attention to my second 2008 A&G box, and then also for the second box of 2008 APOH. You might find some interesting stuff.

  2. I'm sure I have an extra Tulo rookie card that I can send you.

  3. Adam- Will do! And thankfully I have at least one card already for you haha. I might not be around though when you post the boxes (classes), so perhaps it can be set aside? Maybe....

    Johnny- Awesome! I still have a bunch of stuff for you for whenever we finish our trade.

  4. Not that she has any cards, but my former high school classmate (and Luke's older sister) Brittany Hochevar is a DirtBag alum. Good luck with the new degree.

  5. I had a Longoria bat card sitting in my trade stack forever. Spiegel just took it.

    I think I'm gonna go after a Longoria bobblehead now. I have Tulo and Weaver already. I know the Dirtbags gave one away a couple of years ago.

  6. Eric- That's awesome! And thanks!

    DB- I remember you pulled that Longo relic, but I thought it had already been traded away. Hmmm, maybe I can pry it from Spiegel's hands. Good luck on the bobble hunt!

  7. I graduated from there!

    I think Jason Giambi went there too.

  8. Haha, hey there alum! And yes, Giambi was a Dirtbag.