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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A $4 Autograph Of An MVP and 50-Goal Scorer.

First and foremost, let me be upfront and say I would have voted for whichever Sedin it was that had more points than Corey Perry. Daniel, Henrik, Wilhelm. But Perry won MVP and scored 50, and it is most certainly cool to see a guy from your favorite team take home major hardware like that. Perry gets under everyone's skin, and even as a Ducks fan I can readily and easily admit that the guy's an ass and a douche. But I only had one Perry autograph, and considering he's one of the better offensive players in franchise history, I wasn't passing up my second signature.

Via my LCS's eBay store (free shipping cause I pick it up locally!) and running me a whopping $4.26, this 2011-2012 Pinnacle (sticker) auto is from a subset called Game Night. I'm happy to add it to my modest Perry collection, and supporting my wonderful local is an added bonus. I still contend given the same opportunities, Bobby Ryan's superior skill set would yield similar - at worst - numbers, if not better, than Perry's. But I'm digressing. The three guys that work at my local are all Kings fans, so aside from chuckling to learn that the owner pulled this card - and it was the best card he pulled from the box he busted - I'm appreciative that they do things like hand me the below card for free. Of course, they'd sooner burn it than keep it around, but still. I'm very grateful for their continued generosity.


  1. I have a dual Getzlaf and Ryan auto. 08-09 UD if interested.

  2. Wish my local shop had an eBay store that offered in-store pick ups. Great purchase!

  3. Jon- YES YES YES. E-mail coming soon.

    Fuji- Thanks! I'm very fortunate to have the LCS I do.