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Friday, February 10, 2012

A Pair Of Ryan Getzlaf Rookie Cards and Some Important Site News.

I picked up a pair of Ryan Getzlaf rookies to add to my ever-expanding Getzlaf PC. First up, my second Getz RC from 2005-2006 BeeHive. First, it was the red parallel (pictured at the bottom of the post), and now beige debuts. It checks in at $2.99 with free shipping.

I'm still in need of the blue, yellow, and perhaps every other damn color of the rainbow parallel. BeeHive is awesome though, so I'm happy to track down the remaining colors I need. I believe, from the small amount of research I've done, that the beige parallel is the most valuable of all of the BeeHive parallels. Next up, Captain Getz's '05-'06 Parkhurst rookie. It ran me a cool $1.99 delivered.

I still need the big kahuna when it comes to Ryan Getzlaf rookies: his '05/'06 UD Young Guns card.

Now, the small amount of Site News. The Card Draft has hit the nine person mark, and as I've endlessly gone on about, I'd love to hit that magical ten person mark. It's not a necessity, but it would be sweet. Again, you won't be disappointed if you join. And I can accommodate at least twelve, and could probably go higher if there's enough interest. All of the information can be found here. Wicked, I need your payment.

Oh, and let's welcome back the recently engaged Charles over at Hoopography, who has returned after a small hiatus!


  1. Don't forget about the "Matte" parallels that are numbered /25. I still need one of those, plus the blue, beige, and gold for my Howard PC.

  2. I never realized that Beehive (which I didn't collect) had those parallels.

    Those are the colours of the cardboard backing on the original Bee Hive photos of the 30s and early 40s (all later ones were beige, I think).

  3. Paul- Oy, more to chase after! But a fun chase it shall be!

    '67ers- Thanks for the info!