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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Kemp-Kershaw 2010 Upper Deck Golden Parallel To Scratch The Itch of A New Collecting Venture.

A quick side note: yesterday the blog passed the 100,000 pageview mark, so a big thanks to everyone and anyone who has ever checked out the blog! I appreciate it! Moving on. I seriously can't get enough of these. But I suppose that's to be expected when it's a serial-numbered gold parallel of your two favorite players and the main focus of your collection. Oh, and they're ridiculously cheap too. Can't beat that combination. This one, numbered 04/99, ran me just $1.50 shipped, with free shipping to boot.

This is the third of these I've posted, and I've decided to make an effort to acquire all 99 of them. I'm putting a tab together that will soon appear at the top of the blog, and it will serve as a way to track my progress in this new venture I'm undertaking. I'll list all 99 of these in the tab, and with each new pickup I'll scan in a picture to the corresponding card, include a link to the post I'll do for each new card I score, and I'll include the total price paid for each card in parentheses.

Should be a fun ride!


  1. Wow, trying to get every copy of a card numbered that high, I don't think I've actually seen somebody try that. Good luck! You should run a contest to see who can find the most copies for you in a given time span, then the winner would get a prize as a finder's fee.

  2. That's a little bit crazy.

    Fortunately for you, I don't think I have any of these. Just the regular base card.

  3. Congrats on 100,000 page views.

    Good luck on getting all 99!

  4. Dennis- Thanks! And that's a pretty good idea, I just might have to steal it at some point haha. Full credit will of course be given to you.

    Owl- Yeah, I'm a wee bit off my rocker sometimes. I've come to terms with it.

    DB- Thanks and thanks!