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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trade With Royals and Randoms: Poker? I Didn't Even Know Her. Plus PC Additions.

I completed my first trade with Josh from Royals and Randoms. He posted some Dodgers and assorted bait, and I inquired about a particular autograph. He was interested in a pair of cards from my Bait, and a trade was quickly underway. As a side note, he took the Angel Berroa relic I pulled out of my "Super Box" off of my hands, which alone would be worth a post. Good riddance to that.

The signature I was interested in is the above Evelyn Ng from 2009 UD Goodwin Champions. I absolutely love playing poker, and this is only the second poker card I have (both feature John Hancocks). It's pretty cool that Ng drew a little crown to go along with her autograph. A nice, appreciated touch. As always, it's worth noting: on-card! Josh also hit up my Kemp and Kershaw PCs with the below pair of new additions. A Clayton mini! Always an excellent sight.

And finally, a slew of cards from some of my smaller player collections, particularly the trio of Suns I really miss seeing play together: Nash, Marion, and Amare. An Aaron Rodgers sticker also makes an appearance. The trio of Topps Finest are awesome, awesome, awesome, and the '03-'04 UD Standing Ovation die-cut of Marion is just fantastic.

Thanks for the great trade Josh!

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  1. I FINALLY posted the stuff you sent me. I love it! :-)


    Thanks again for the trade.
    -Josh D.