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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Went Ryan Getzlaf Crazy With My Victor Cruz eBay Salsa Money!

You may remember my post on my first experience selling on eBay. Well, I quickly found something to my liking to spend that PayPal money on. Somethings, actually. The Lost Collector guessed I had picked up new additions to my Russ PC, but I went in a different direction. I attacked some gaping holes (phrasing....) in my Ryan Getzlaf Collection. The results are below.

By far my favorite card that I picked up with this found money. Here we have a 2010-2011 Panini Certified Champions auto - #'d 32/50 - that commemorates the Ducks' Stanley Cup victory in 2007. The picture of Getz they chose is somewhat of an iconic one amongst Ducks fan, and I've wanted a card depicting Getz and The Cup for quite some time. Eventually, I'd like to get an 8x10 with this particular picture signed by The Captain himself. One day. One day.

Next up, another major addition to my Getzlaf PC I'm happy to finally have: a rookie autograph. This bad boy, from 2005-2006 UD SP Authentics, is numbered 191/250. And of course, it's on-card! Which makes it all the better. Those old Mighty Ducks uniforms are always a pleasure to see on Getzlaf cards.

The third and final card I added is another relic of the Ducks' Captain, and it was a cool $1.76 shipped with free shipping. It's numbered 32/99, is out of another Panini release (2011-2012 Limited Hockey), and I absolutely love the aesthetics of the card. A great design, a really nice action shot of Getz looking to make a pass, and the swatch matches the uniform Ryan is pictured in.

All in all, I'm extremely pleased with what a simple Victor Cruz sticker auto I scored for 99 cents way back when was transformed into, especially considering the two phenomenal Getzlaf autographs I was able to land. There was $1.11 remaining after these three purchases, which went towards fees I owed eBay due to selling the Cruz.

A big thanks to Victor Cruz for performing very well this season, and thanks as always to eBay for being there for me. Had someone offered me these three cards for that Cruz sig, I'd have jumped on it faster than something that jumps really quickly.


  1. Nice pick ups. I was going to say watch out, eBay's going to come calling at the end of the month for their share of the Cruz. Sorry I've been meaning to email you with a pick of the goodies I got to trade for you, I'll try and do it tonight when I get home.

  2. Great colors on that UD SP RC Auto. Nice

  3. Greg, check you spam filter. I responded to your trade proposal, but haven't heard back from you.


  4. Wow... to think that a $1 purchase led to two autographs & a jersey card of your favorite player. Congratulations.

  5. Mark- Gracias! eBay fees were like $3.13, if I recall. And you'll have an e-mail shortly!

    Charles- Yeah, she's a colorful beaut! Thanks!

    Jeff- You have e-mail!

    Fuji- Thanks! I still can't really fathom that it happened and worked out so well....good old eBay, always there to help me with my habit haha.