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Friday, February 17, 2012

Trade With The Common (Card) Man: Clayton Kershaw 2012 Topps Golden Moments Auto

The Card Draft will continue on as we return to regularly scheduled programming. And what's more regular at the Plaschke abode than a sweet new Kershaw or a trade post? The two together. I completed my first trade with Tony from The Common (Card) Man. Tony teased a box break of 2012 Topps, hinting that some Dodgers Mojo was afoot. I immediately expressed interest in anything Kemp or Kershaw, and much to my delight he pulled a Kid K autograph. We exchanged a few e-mails and quickly worked out a deal.

Clayton! Gold! Signature! Exclamation points!!!! I'm very happy to have been able to trade for this card, because eBay prices are much higher than I would want to pay. Even for Kersh. This newest Clayton John Hancock becomes my seventeenth Kershaw auto as I surpass the 120 unique card plateau. Tony also threw in a new Clayton parallel.

Tony tells me this is the golden parallel, while my colorblind eyes see emerald. Meh, it's a new Clayton, which is all I care about. Thanks for the great trade Tony! I look forward to more deals in the future!


  1. That's a beauty!

    There's a Kemp Golden auto too, right?

  2. Thanks DB!

    And yes, there's a Kemp as well. A Kemp I must eventually obtain!