Thursday, February 16, 2012

The 2012 Trade Bait Card Draft Is Here!

The time has arrived for our ten brave souls to draft cards upon cards. I randomized everyone to give us our draft order for the first round, and here is what the third of those randomizations spit out.

Spiegel, you're on the clock! An aside: Spiegel won each of the three randomizations I did. What the odds of that are, I don't know. Below you'll find a few things. First, everything that is available is pictured below, and I've included a quick summary of each card in each scan so I can cross off cards as they're drafted. I'd love to have scanned everything separately, but that would be far too time-consuming. Second, you'll see a litany of rounds listed below with the draft order for each round. I'll update the selections as they come in. This is the only post where drafting will occur. No e-mailing picks or anything besides leaving comment after comment with your various picks in this post. It will be linked on the sidebar at the top, where the previous card draft post was linked. If there's a lag in the selection process, I'll send out an e-mail to whomever is on the clock. The draft order beyond round one is the best and most fair way I could come up with, and considering I got very little - if any - advice, I'm content with it. Once the person ahead of you in each round has drafted, draft away and we'll have ourselves a jolly time! I truly hope you enjoy yourselves, and again, thanks to each and every one of you for participating. I appreciate it immensely!

Round 1:

1. Spiegel: Ely Auto
2. Justin's World: Stocker Auto
3. Tunguska: Mike Thompson Auto
4. jaybarkerfan: Jared Burton RC Manupatch Auto
5. Matt Perry: DeJesus Chrome RC Auto
6. GCA: Patrick Sharp Dual Relic
7. Wicked: Hand Auto
8. Brad's Blog: Gaborik Dual Relic
9. The Diamond King: Ryan Raburn RC Auto
10. Robert M.: Weight Dual Relic

Round 2:

1. Robert M.: Gionta Auto
2. Spiegel: Betemit Auto
3. Justin's World: Gasol Relic
4. Tunguska: Smoker Auto
5. jaybarkerfan: Brian Roberts Unity Relic
6. Matt Perry: Jason Martinson RC Auto
7. GCA: Loui Eriksson Relic
8. Wicked: Chris Bosh Relic
9. Brad's Blog: Jayson Werth Unity Relic
10. The Diamond King: Jackie Slater Relic

Round 3:

1. The Diamond King: Magglio Ordonez Relic
2. Robert M.: Ilya Kovalchuk Relic
3. Spiegel: Allan Dykstra Auto
4. Justin's World: Miguel Cabrera Black Diamond Wrapper Redemption
5. Tunguska: T.J. Brodie Auto
6. jaybarkerfan: Mat Latos Ginter Relic
7. Matt Perry: Louis Domingue Auto
8. GCA: Livan Hernandez Relic
9. Wicked: Dexter Pittman Auto
10. Brad's Blog: Kevin Kolb Dual Relic

Round 4:

1. Brad's Blog: James Harden Relic
2. The Diamond King: Mike Minor USA Relic
3. Robert M.: Pee Wee Reese Gypsy Queen The Great Ones
4. Spiegel: Vincent Pastore American Pie Relic
5. Justin's World: Wil Venable Auto
6. Tunguska: Trevor Booker Auto
7. jaybarkerfan: Wade Townsend Auto
8. Matt Perry: Matt Lindstrom RC Auto
9. GCA: Matt Schaub Relic
10. Wicked: Kyle Skipworth Auto

Round 5:

1. Wicked: Ronnie Brown Relic
2. Brad's Blog: Brett Anderson Ginter Relic
3. The Diamond King: '62 Topps Howie Koplitz RC
4. Robert M.: Rafael Furcal UD X Die-Cut
5. Spiegel: '59 Topps Solly Drake
6. Justin's World: Tyson Ross Auto #'d 445/999
7. Tunguska: Anthony McCoy Auto
8. jaybarkerfan: Jeff Kent Relic
9. Matt Perry: Tyson Ross Auto #'d 386/999
10. GCA: Tashard Choice Auto

Round 6:

1. GCA: '59 Topps Bob Blaylock
2. Wicked: Terrico White RC ManuPatch Auto
3. Brad's Blog: Taj Gibson Relic
4. The Diamond King: Jake Hager Auto Silver Version #'d /190
5. Robert M.: Roy Campanella Masterpieces
6. Spiegel: '72 Topps Bill Singer
7. Justin's World: Jason Richardson Relic
8. Tunguska: Matt Kemp UD X Die-Cut
9. jaybarkerfan: '59 Topps Charley Beamon
10. Matt Perry: Josh Hamilton Bowman

Round 7:

1. Matt Perry: Brad Wilkerson USA Relic
2. GCA: A-Rod "Road To 500" Insert
3. Wicked: Stanley Robinson Auto
4. Brad's Blog: Bret Saberhagen RC
5. The Diamond King: '59 Topps Gino Cimoli
6. Robert M.: '09 Ginter National Pride Adrian Gonzalez
7. Spiegel: Zach Lee Bowman Gold RC
8. Justin's World: Early Doucet III Relic
9. Tunguska: Jackie Robinson
10. jaybarkerfan: Forrest Johnson Auto

Round 8:

1. jaybarkerfan: '59 Topps Randy Jackson
2. Matt Perry: Carlos Lee Relic
3. GCA: Dmitri Young
4. Wicked: Eric Davis RC
5. Brad's Blog: Cole Hamels Rookie Sensations
6. The Diamond King: Clayton Kershaw Stadium Club RC
7. Robert M.: '09 Ginter National Pride Manny Ramirez
8. Spiegel: Pedro Martinez Archives
9. Justin's World: Russell Martin Orange Refractor
10. Tunguska: Russell Martin XFractor

Round 9:

1. Tunguska: Randy Curtis Auto #'d /5750
2. jaybarkerfan: Brad Sullivan RC Auto
3. Matt Perry: James Adkins Auto
4. GCA: Tyler Ladendorf Auto #'d
5. Wicked: Danny Payne Auto
6. Brad's Blog: Marvin Harrison Crown Royale
7. The Diamond King: Jordan Todman RC Relic
8. Robert M.: Ivan DeJesus Chrome RC
9. Spiegel: '75 Topps Mini Paciorek
10. Justin's World: Matt Kemp Cognac

Round 10:

1. Justin's World: Davey Lopes Phungo Custom
2. Tunguska: Russ Martin Refractor
3. jaybarkerfan: Jackson Williams Auto
4. Matt Perry: Travis Green Auto
5. GCA: Mize Yankee Stadium Legacy
6. Wicked: Hermes Lords of Olympus Ginter Mini
7. Brad's Blog: Jason Terry #'d RC
8. The Diamond King: Ken Griffey, Jr. Wish List
9. Robert M.: Tom Seaver Mets
10. Spiegel: Raul Mondesi Checklist

Round 11:

1. Spiegel: Shin-Soo Choo Ginter Back Mini
2. Justin's World: Almundson Auto #'d
3. Tunguska: Jason Giambi Heritage Insert
4. jaybarkerfan: Jay Buhner RC
5. Matt Perry: Jonathan Papelbon Rookie Sensations
6. GCA: Evereth Cabrera Ginter Black Border Mini
7. Wicked: Tyson Ross Gold RC
8. Brad's Blog: Cole Hamels Bowman Chrome
9. The Diamond King: Wade Boggs Measures of Greatness
10. Robert M.: '85 Oliver OPC

Round 12:

1. Robert M.: Martin Brodeur
2. Spiegel: Shin-Soo Choo Regular Back Mini
3. Justin's World: Drew Stubbs RC Ginter Back
4. Tunguska: Tommy Lasorda Topps Gold
5. jaybarkerfan: '83 Topps Don Sutton
6. Matt Perry: J.D. Drew
7. GCA: Derek Jeter StarQuest
8. Wicked: Poseidon Lords of Olympus Ginter Mini
9. Brad's Blog: Mondesi Emotion
10. The Diamond King: Nick Swisher Hitting Machine Insert

Round 13:

1. The Diamond King: Issac Bruce Crown Royale
2. Robert M.: Patrick Marleau
3. Spiegel: Derek Lowe Donruss Elite
4. Justin's World: Chad Billingsley Lineage Diamond Parallel
5. Tunguska: Bob Geren Topps Gold
6. jaybarkerfan: Matt LaPorta Chrome RC
7. Matt Perry: Chris Davis Gold RC
8. GCA: Fiorentino Just Minors
9. Wicked: The Fates Lords of Olympus Ginter Mini
10. Brad's Blog: Cris Carter Crown Royale

Round 14:

1. Brad's Blog: Sid Fernandez RC
2. The Diamond King: Tiki Barber Crown Royale
3. Robert M.: '82 Topps Steve Garvey (well-loved)
4. Spiegel: Pedro Guerrero Archives
5. Justin's World: Duke College Colors
6. Tunguska: David Wright SP
7. jaybarkerfan: Jose Rijo RC
8. Matt Perry: Jeremy Hellickson Bowman RC
9. GCA: Alfonso Soriano Own The Game
10. Wicked: Hoard & Rory Ginter Back Ginter Mini

Round 15:

1. Wicked: Kendry Morales Regular Back Ginter Mini
2. Brad's Blog: Jeremy Hellickson Bowman Platinum RC
3. The Diamond King: Wayne Chrebet Crown Royale
4. Robert M.: Henrik Zetterberg Stars of the Game Insert
5. Spiegel: Greg Maddux/Jack McDowell
6. Justin's World: John Lindsey Ginter RC
7. Tunguska: T.J. Houshmandzadeh RC
8. jaybarkerfan: Kent Hrbek RC
9. Matt Perry: Todd Hollandsworth '94 Bowman
10. GCA: Travis Hafner Own The Game

Round 16:

1. GCA: Phil Rizzuto Yankee Stadium Legacy
2. Wicked: Daniel Runzler Ginter Back RC Ginter Mini
3. Brad's Blog: Brandon Belt Ginter RC Code Card
4. The Diamond King: Derrick Thomas RC
5. Robert M.: Jim Everett RC
6. Spiegel: Brett Butler RC
7. Justin's World: Jordan Danks RC
8. Tunguska: Carlos Ruiz Ginter Code Card
9. jaybarkerfan: Devon White RC
10. Matt Perry: Clayton Kershaw Topps 2020

Round 17:

1. Matt Perry: Clayton Kershaw T-206 Bronze
2. GCA: Magic Johnson College Colors
3. Wicked: Jeff Conine '91 Bowman RC
4. Brad's Blog: Travis Fryman Topps Black Gold
5. The Diamond King: Hiroki Kuroda '09 UD OPC Black
6. Robert M.: '92 Abbott OPC
7. Spiegel: Matt Kemp 2009 Topps Chrome
8. Justin's World: James Worthy College Colors
9. Tunguska: Bill Pitcher Mets
10. jaybarkerfan: Sandy Koufax Lineage

Round 18:

1. jaybarkerfan: Jake Peavy
2. Matt Perry: Jon Weber RC Gold
3. GCA: Ben Zobrist Regular Back Ginter Mini
4. Wicked: Andruw Jones Regular Back Ginter Mini
5. Brad's Blog: '85 Topps Bill Russell
6. The Diamond King: Bernie Williams '90 Bowman RC
7. Robert M.: Clayton Kershaw Chrome
8. Spiegel: Adams/Jackson Campaign
9. Justin's World: Justin Ruggiano Chrome RC
10. Tunguska: Candy Maldonado

Round 19:

1. Tunguska: Josh Smoker Just Minors
2. jaybarkerfan: '81 Belanger Donruss
3. Matt Perry: Matt Kemp 2008 Topps Chrome
4. GCA: Russell Martin StarQuest
5. Wicked: Sandy Koufax Lineage
6. Brad's Blog: Chad Billingsley Rookie Sensations
7. The Diamond King: Jeff Conine '93 Score RC
8. Robert M.: Tim Federowicz 2012 Topps RC
9. Spiegel: Tom Glavine/Jimmy Key Topps
10. Justin's World: Max Ramirez Bowman Chrome RC

Round 20:

1. Justin's World: Shonne Green College Colors
2. Tunguska: Skip Schumaker Fleer RC
3. jaybarkerfan: '81 Topps Mike Phillips
4. Matt Perry: Todd Hollandsworth Upper Deck Potential
5. GCA: Chone Figgins Heritage RC
6. Wicked: Mike Piazza Star Rookie
7. Brad's Blog: Dante Bichette '89 Topps RC
8. The Diamond King: Bernie Williams '94 Donruss "The Leaf Set"
9. Robert M. Matt Magill Chrome RC
10. Spiegel: Bernie Williams '92 Topps RC

Everyone has drafted in each position, 1 through 10, twice. For the final rounds, I felt it was fair to re-randomize everyone, giving each of you the opportunity to grab that top spot. I randomized for each of the remaining rounds below, and went with three randoms each time, as is my usual.

Round 21:

1. jaybarkerfan: Austin Gallagher Chrome RC
2. Wicked: Yankees Capture The Flag
3. Robert M.: Scott Spiezio RC
4. The Diamond King: Brandon Phillips Expos
5. Justin's World: Beanie Wells College Colors
6. Spiegel: Steve Finley '90 Score
7. Brad's Blog: Ryan Klesko RC
8. Matt Perry: Brandon Phillips Indians
9. GCA: Manny Ramirez Chrome
10. Tunguska: Kyle Russell Chrome RC

Round 22:

1. Robert M.: Shane Dyer Bowman RC
2. GCA: Mike Piazza Pinnacle Checklist
3. The Diamond King: Tyler Flowers RC
4. Wicked: Wade Davis Bowman Gold
5. Brad's Blog: Jered Weaver Fleer RC (dinged upper left corner)
6. Matt Perry: Blake DeWitt RC
7. Justin's World: Ross Detwiler RC
8. Spiegel: Allen Webster Bowman Chrome RC
9. Tunguska: Mangini Just Minors
10. jaybarkerfan: Wagner Mateo Chrome RC

Round 23:

1. jaybarkerfan: Tino Martinez
2. Justin's World: Kyle McClellan RC
3. Wicked: Stephen Vogt Chrome RC
4. Robert M.: Wesley Wright RC Gold
5. Tunguska: Paul Wilder Minor League
6. Brad's Blog: Trevor Hoffman Season Highlights
7. Spiegel: McGwire
8. The Diamond King: Jeromy Burnitz RC
9. GCA: Joe Magrane K-Mart
10. Matt Perry: Matt White Minor League

Round 24:

1. Spiegel: McGwire 1990 Collector's Choice Checklist
2. GCA: Scioscia Sportflics
3. jaybarkerfan: Garvey K-Mart
4. Wicked: Ty Morrison RC
5. Tunguska: Austin Gallagher Chrome RC
6. Brad's Blog: '90 Kevin Appier Fleer RC
7. Robert M.: Brandon Crawford RC
8. Matt Perry: Luis Ayala/Chad Cordero Topps Total
9. Justin's World: Brandon Guyer RC
10. The Diamond King: Brett Anderson ToppsTown

And now, everything that is draft-eligible!

Saberhagen RC
Hrbek RC
Buhner RC
Butler RC
Rijo RC
Davis RC
Thomas RC
Fernandez RC
Everett RC

A-Rod insert
'72 Singer
Duke College Colors
Housh RC
Payne Auto
Adkins Auto
Williams Auto
Smoker Auto
Adams/Jackson Campaign

Hand Auto #'d 272/999
Griffey Wish List
Ronnie Brown relic #'d 205/250

DeJesus RC Auto
Venable Auto
Martinson RC Auto #'d 795/815
Ross Auto #'d 386/999
Ladendorf Auto #'d 196/249
Hager Auto Silver Version #'d /190
Ely Auto
Raburn RC Auto
Ross Auto #'d 445/999

Ordonez Bat
Lee Jersey
Lidstrom RC Auto
Anderson Ginter Relic
Latos Ginter Relic
Kent Jersey
Roberts Unity #'d 15/36
Werth Unity #'d 11/36

Slater Jersey #'d 123/250
Kovalchuk Jersey #'d 073/100 (small creases near relic)
Stocker Auto #'d 040/100
Brian Gionta Auto
Travis Green Auto
T.J. Brodie Auto #'d 329/499
Eriksson Jersey #'d 007/399
Almundson Auto #'d 300/349

'59 Blaylock
'59 Cimoli
'59 Drake
'59 Jackson
'59 Beamon
'62 Koplitz RC

Weight Dual Relic
Bosh Jersey #'d 34/49
Jason Richardson Jersey #'d 90/99
Marc Gasol Jersey #'d 167/499
Cabrera Black Diamond
Wilkerson Jersey USA
James Harden Relic #'d 71/99
Jason Terry RC #'d 364/500

Domingue Auto
Booker Auto #'d 192/299
Mike Thompson Auto #'d 18/20
Kolb Dual Relic
Pastore American Pie
Todman Jersey RC

Bernie Williams '92 Topps RC
Figgins RC
Tino Martinez
Conine '91 Bowman RC
Hamels Rookie Sensations
Bernie Williams '90 Bowman RC
Conine '93 Score RC
Dmitri Young
Bernie Williams '94 Donruss "The Leaf Set"

Bichette RC
Jackie Robinson
Russ Martin Refractor
Hellickson Platinum RC
Tyler Flowers RC
Mateo Chrome RC
Chris Davis Gold RC
Kemp UD X Die Cut
Burnitz RC

Webster Chrome RC
Russell Chrome RC
Anderson ToppsTown
Ruggiano Chrome RC
'75 Mini Paciorek (well-loved)
'82 Garvey (well-loved)
Brandon Phillips Expos
Brandon Phillips Indians
Zetterberg Stars Insert

Ruiz Ginter Code Card
Belt Ginter Code Card RC
Magill Chrome RC
Jordan Danks RC
Hollandsworth '94 Bowman
Kershaw Stadium Club RC
Laporta Chrome RC
Klesko RC
Hollandsworth Upper Deck Potential

Kemp Cognac
Hellickson Bowman RC
Glavine/Jimmy Key
Lasorda Topps Gold
Devon White RC
Swisher Machine Insert


Mike Minor USA Relic
Papelbon Rookie Sensations
Max Ramirez Chrome RC
Tyson Ross RC Gold
Kuroda Black OPC
Piazza Checklist
Manny Chrome
'81 Mike Phillips
Andruw Jones Ginter Regular Back

Campy Masterpieces
Zach Lee Bowman Gold RC
Fryman Topps Black Gold
Geren Topps Gold
Russ Martin XFractor
Billingsley Lineage Diamond Parallel
Wade Davis Bowman Gold
Russ Martin Orange Refractor
Bill Pitcher Mets

DeWitt RC
DeJesus Chrome RC
Schumaker RC
Weaver RC (dinged upper left corner)
McClellan RC
Gallagher Chrome RC
Wright RC Gold
Weber RC Gold
Billingsley Rookie Sensations

Anthony McCoy Auto #'d 738/999
Jared Burton RC "E" ManuPatch Auto #'d 57/75
Forrest Johnson Auto
Dexter Pittman Auto
Allan Dykstra Auto
Kyle Skipworth Auto
Terrico White RC ManuPatch Auto
Tashard Choice Bronze Level Auto
Stanley Robinson Auto

Gaborik Dual Relic
Sharp Dual Relic
Hernandez Relic
Sullivan RC Auto
Townsend RC Auto
Gibson Relic #'d 036/265
Doucet III Relic
Betemit RC Auto #'d 0318/1350
Randy Curtis Auto #'d /5750

Hoffman Season Highlights
Koufax Lineage
Mondesi Emotion
Lowe Donruss Elite
Koufax Lineage
Kemp Chrome '09
Scioscia Sportflics
Kemp Chrome '08
Hamels Bowman Chrome

Furcal UD X Die-Cut
Mize Yankees Legacy
Rizzuto Yankees Legacy
Jeter StarQuest
Magic College Colors
Shonne Green College Colors
Worthy College Colors
Beanie Wells College Colors

Runzler Ginter Back RC
Seaver Mets
Wade Boggs Measures of Greatness
'81 Belanger Donruss
'92 Abbott OPC
'85 Oliver OPC
'85 Bill Russell
'90 Appier Fleer RC

Choo Ginter Back
Choo Regular Back
Stubbs RC Ginter Back
Kendry Morales Regular Back
Zobrist Regular Back
Hoard & Rory Ginter Back
Hermes Lords of Olympus
Poseidon Lords of Olympus
The Fates Lords of Olympus

Fields RC
Pedro Archives
Guerrero Archives
Kershaw Chrome
Kemp All-Star
Piazza Star Rookie
Mondesi Checklist
Yankees Capture The Flag

Soriano Own The Game
Pee Wee Great Ones
Giambi Heritage
Mangini Just Minors
Smoker Just Minors
Fiorentino Just Minors
Kershaw 20/20
Magarane K-Mart
Garvey K-Mart

Russ Martin StarQuest
Gonzalez Ginter National Pride
Manny Ginter National Pride
Kershaw Bronze
Hafner Own The Game
Cabrera Black Border Ginter
Hamilton Bowman
J.D. Drew
Davey Lopes Phungo Custom

White Minor League
Wilder Minor League
Vogt Chrome RC
Morrison RC
Dyer RC
Guyer RC
Spiezio RC
McGwire 1990 Collector's Choice Checklist

Lindsey Ginter RC
Edmonds Reprint
Detwiler RC
Federowicz 2012 RC
Crawford RC
Albaladejo RC
Ayala/Cordero Topps Total
'83 Topps Sutton

'90 Score Steve Finley
Schaub Jersey #'d 84/99

Good luck, have fun, and thanks again for joining!


  1. Everyone got the e-mail....just alerted Spiegel he's on the clock.

  2. I'm here too, lol, was looking at all the scans :)

  3. ... And to you sir!

    Since I'm 5th, I'm gonna go grab lunch, be back for my pick :)

  4. I've got my first few picks figured out.

  5. Yup, me too. Are we still waiting on Spiegel?

  6. Would this be a good time to ask how late we're going to go into this evening? It's the wife's birthday, and we're going out to dinner, so that pretty much kills the rest of my night. I'm not against sneaking off to the bathroom to make a pick or two, but are we going to cut it off at some point and pick it back up tomorrow?

  7. I was assuming the draft would just chug on until it's over, whenever that is. I figured sometime over the weekend or early in the week.

    No need to be here all day. Plus, I already know Spiegel won't be around tonight.

    Oh, and happy birthday to Mrs. Perry!

    I'll try and contact Spiegel again....

  8. Spiegel has been e-mailed and Facebooked, and I'm inquiring with others as to his phone #.

    Apologies for the delay gentlemen, I appreciate you guys that are already here.

  9. I'll be here 'till we're done - one of the benefits of having no life.

  10. I'm checking in periodically from work.

  11. I will pick the 2010 John Ely Auto first. Sorry for the delay.

  12. Ah, and now it's my turn! Luke Stocker auto, please.

  13. I'm at work as well but if it get's to me before I get off I should be able to jump in as well.

  14. I am at work as well...but I will do my best to get my picks in timely!

  15. Topps Chrome DeJesus RC Auto please.

  16. Dangit! That was my 1st choice too. Ok, then the Patrick Sharp dual jersey

  17. GCA- The Sharp's not a bad consolation, it's pretty sweet and colorful!

  18. Wicked has been alerted that he's on the clock.

  19. Yeah, that's fine. Thought I might start a PC with DeJesus since I already collect his dad...

  20. That would be pretty cool. There is a DeJesus RC, not nearly the same obviously but perhaps a late pickup.

  21. Hey! I am about to head to work and won't be around until later tonight. Here are some of my picks to keep things moving:
    1.Wilson Betemit Auto
    2.Allen Dykstra Auto
    3.Pastore American Pie Relic
    4.Mike Minor USA Relic
    5.James Harden Relic #ed/99
    6.Roberts Unity Relic #ed/36
    7.1959 Topps Solly Drake
    8.1972 Topps Bill Singer
    9.Ryan Raburn RC Auto
    10.Zach Lee Bowman Gold
    11.Pedro Archives
    12.James Adkins Auto

  22. I have to be gone for the next 1.5 hrs, so here are picks for me too.

    Ryan Raburn RC Auto
    Jackie Slater Jersey
    Magglio Ordonez Bat

  23. What's happening now? Who are we waiting on?

  24. Wicked....I've already e-mailed him twice.

  25. Leaving work soon, just in case its my pick when i'm commuting (45 minutes or so) i would like the Gaborik Dual Relic

  26. Don't get your panties in a bunch dudes some of work outside all day and can't check in.... Hand Auto #'d 272/999

  27. Wicked - Aren't all collectors unemployed and living in their parent's basement? That's what I hear....LOL

  28. So Brad takes the Gaborik Dual Relic, I take the Ryan Raburn RC Auto and it's Robert's turn. That right?

  29. I will take the Weight Relic and the Gionta Autograph

  30. Sounds right, Robert with the swing pick gets 2.

  31. TDK, Tunguska- That is correct, and Spiegel takes the Betemit Auto. Justin's up. He takes the Gasol relic, so Tunguska is up again for Round 2.

  32. According to Spiegel83's list he's taking the Wilson Betemit auto.

  33. All picks are up-to-date. I'll be partaking in dinner and my DVR now, but continue without me and I'll update tings when I'm done.

    Play nice gents.

    jbf, you're up my man.

  34. Matt selects the Martinson RC Auto #'d 795/815 as he celebrates his wife's birthday.

    GCA is up.

  35. Next handful of picks:

    Kovalchuk relic
    Ericksson relic
    Livan Hernandez relic
    Reese Gypsy Queen
    Furcal UDX Die-cut
    Campy Masterpieces

  36. I'm headed to bed if my pick comes up i would like the following in order:

    Werth Unity Relic
    Latos Ginter Relic
    Bosh jersey 34/49
    Kolb Dual Relic
    James Harden Relic

  37. I, too, am off to bed. Greg, you have my picks.

  38. By the by, I should point out GCA sent me a list of some cards, but I'm not sure if they're in any particular order. They surely are, I just don't want to jump the gun and incorrectly select for him.

    So this delay is entirely on me. Lo siento hombres.

  39. Knew I should have checked in before I went to bed.
    I'll go for Ericsson jersey

  40. Good morning all, day 2 of the draft. I'll be checking in periodically from work.


  41. Morning fellas, who's up, GCA?

  42. oh wait, GCA took the Ericsson jersey, so it's Wicked's turn. Gotta update my list, you guys picked off half of it last night, lol.

  43. Good morning gents. Wicked's up, he was e-mailed last night. I assume he's working again, so I'll attempt to make contact.

  44. Wicked has been e-mailed and alerted on his blog.

  45. Our next two picks are in via e-mail and the list Brad left in a comment. Diamond King, you're up! Based on the list you left, still interested in selecting the Slater here?

  46. Greg, I posted a list last night...they are in order... please use as needed when my turn comes up...


  47. I'm making the executive decision that TDK's list is the list he would still go with, so a few more picks are about to be filled in.

  48. Yep, I'll take the Jackie Slater Jersey and then the Magglio Ordonez Bat

  49. TDK- Excellent! Very nice picks!

    Tunguska, you're on the clock!

  50. GZ, I'm back for the evening and able to make live picks.

  51. GCA- Excellent! I assume I should disregard the list you gave me then?

  52. Sorry folks, got stuck in traffic.

    T.J. Brodie auto please.

  53. Latos Ginter for me if its still there when I come up again.

  54. I'll probably go by it pretty much, but you don't have to worry about picking for me.

  55. Hi guys, if my pick comes up again, please go by the list i posted previously, if they are all gone, shoot me an e-mail, i should be able to check and pick during the evening.

  56. I'm going with Livan Hernandez. Gotta at least get one guy I collect!

  57. Brad- Will do! You have e-mail waiting for you!

  58. Once he gets in, we should be able to roll a couple rounds at least....

  59. And Round 4 is underway as Brad goes football and basketball with his back-to-back picks.

  60. I'll go for the matt lindstrom auto

  61. Wicked's back on the clock with back-to-backs, and was alerted last night.

  62. Skipworth auto
    Ronnie Brown relic
    White auto patch
    Roos auto oakland

  63. This is crazy, its hard to be waiting by the computer all the time.

  64. Thanks for the picks and list Wicked!

    And yeah, it's kinda crazy, but the list allows you to not wait around. The all-important list.

    If you have time, put like ten together and send it to me in a comment or e-mail. That should easily hold you over haha.

  65. Howie Koplitz. Im getting a list together

  66. TDK- Sounds good!

    Robert, Spiegel, and Justin's picks have been made via the lists they sent me.

    Tunguska, you're up!

  67. Jeff Kent if it makes it too me.

    If not Charley Beamon

  68. I'm back but my list should still apply.

  69. Actually, edit my list per my email.

  70. I sent Greg an email, so if I don't check back in, you're welcome to just go with that. I think my next pick was the other Ross auto.

  71. Matt- The last e-mail I got from you was on Thursday. The Bowman Hamilton would be next on that list you sent me. I did e-mail you earlier today about it.

  72. My list is still good, i'm headed out for the night, if they are all gone, send me an e-mail,i'll have my phone and i'll make the pick then

  73. I got Choice and '59 Blaylock. Are we stuck or something?

  74. Hmmm, thats really weird. I sent one this morning. I'll stick with the ross for this pick, and I'll go check the email and make sure it sent. Very sorry about the delay :(

  75. Ah, OK. Thought you guys already figured that out. Wasn't complaining, just 'fused.

  76. Hey Greg,
    Checked my email, it said it sent. I resent it twice more, just in case. If you don't get it for some reason you can use the original list, it's still fairly valid ;)

  77. Sorry for the delay gents, technology hard at work to thwart us haha. Nine more picks just filled in via some picks and some lists.

    And we're back to Tunguska!

  78. I'll be away for dinner for a short while, but then I'll be back and hopefully we'll continue to make a good run of it tonight!

  79. Forest Johnson Auto
    Any of the 59's remaining
    Sullivan Auto
    Any of the baseball auto's remaining

    This should do me for a pick or two

  80. Six more picks in the books, and we're right back to Tunguska!

  81. Here are some more picks for me. Thanks.

    1.Pedro Archives
    2.James Adkins Auto
    3. Carlos Lee Jersey
    4. '75 Mini Paciorek
    5. Matt Kemp Cognac
    6. Mondesi Checklist
    7. Choo Ginter Back
    8. Choo Regular Back
    9. Lowe Donruss Elite
    10. Mondesi Emotion

  82. Good Morning all. I'll take the Jackie Robinson please.

  83. Rise and shine gents. 5 more picks in the books, and we're back to The Wicked One.

    I'll be alerting him shortly.

  84. Never mind that last pick on my list. I'll take over from here, thx.

  85. Morning everyone, i'll be around the rest of the day today, right now the list i sent is what i want but if they all get taken i can quickly update

  86. Figures, I monitor for 8 hours and then get off and it's my turn again.

    Ladendorf auto please

  87. Haha, don't sweat it dude!

    Wicked, you again!

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. I must be in the wrong time zone.

    Mize YSL

  90. Maybe this list will get me through a few picks
    Jay Buhner
    Tom Seaver 84
    Don Sutton
    Matt Laporta

  91. Wicked, it's on you!

    Please post or e-mail me a list as well so we can keep things chugging along! About ten cards would do just perfectly!

  92. Good morning all. Looking forward to another day of plugging away at this draft.


  93. Hermes Lords of Olympus
    Almundson Auto #'d 300/349
    Tyson Ross RC Gold
    Poseidon Lords of Olympus
    The Fates Lords of Olympus
    Choo Ginter Back
    Stubbs RC Ginter Back
    Hoard & Rory Ginter Back
    Kendry Morales Regular Back
    Runzler Ginter Back

  94. Thanks Wicked, I appreciate it!

    17 picks just got put on the board gents, and all thanks to everyone's lists! Wooooo! Gracias amigos!

    And we're back to Justin!

  95. I'll take the Drew Stubbs Ginter back mini RC. List being sent to your inbox... now

  96. Justin- Thanks!

    And we're back to Matt!

    I'm about to head out to class gentlemen, and won't be able to update things until around 10:30 tonight PST.

  97. New List from me

    1 Matt Laporta
    2 Jose Rijo
    3 82 Garvey
    4 Hellickson
    5 Marleau
    6 Devon White
    7 Fedoriwicz 2012

  98. Good morning fellas. Let's start off with the JD Drew Gx thingy.

  99. 11 more picks in the books and we're back to Mr. Perry!

    and jbf, thanks for the new list!

  100. I will take the Chris Davis RC.

    Greg, did you get my email this morning? We can use that for the rest of the day to speed things up if you'd like.

  101. Matt- I haven't received any e-mails, which of course means they'll show up sometime later today or tomorrow haha.

    Looks like we'll need to communicate some other way....other e-mail address, Facebook, carrier pigeon.

  102. That's just awesome. I've got to call my server host and find out what on earth is going on. Emails shouldn't take that long, especially from a private server. I'll email you from my gmail address instead, we can use that in the future.

  103. Haha, sounds good Matt.

    And we're back to Spiegel, who will be contacted shortly.

  104. 1. Guerrero Archives
    2. Maddux/McDowell
    3. Brett Butler RC

  105. Thanks Mike! A new list will be needed very, very soon though!

    And we're back to Tunguska after another 13 picks were just completed!

  106. Moving right along today nice, let me know if I need to add more to my list I just checked theres a few still left that I want. Been a good day

  107. 1. Butler RC
    2. 09 Topps Chrome Kemp
    3. Fryman Black Gold
    4. Bernie Williams '90 Bowman
    5. Adams/Jackson Campaign

  108. Here's another list from me to keep it moving... I'm also three spots shy of filling up my own trade bait draft if anyone's interested.

    Devon White
    Koufax Lineage
    Magic School Colors
    Mike Phillips
    Max Ramirez
    Adams Jackson

  109. 16 more picks in the books! We're back to Wicked!

    Wicked, I need a new list with your pick, and I'll email you shortly.

  110. Conine '91 Bowman RC
    Andruw Jones Ginter Regular Back
    Koufax Lineage
    Zobrist Regular Back
    Yankees Capture The Flag
    Wade Davis Bowman Gold
    Fryman Topps Black Gold

  111. 10 more picks down and out!

    GCA is up, and I need a new list from you good sir! E-mail sent....

    Today's been extremely productive gents, a whopping 57 PICKS completed!

  112. Let me get Zobrist mini regular. Will have to work on a list.

  113. Hi guys my new list is as follows in order:

    85 Bill Russell
    Billingsley Rookie Sensations
    Conine 93 Score RC
    Bichette RC
    Klesko RC
    81 Mike Phillips
    Weaver RC
    Smoker Just Minors

  114. And we're back to The Diamond King!

    E-mail coming shortly TDK....

  115. Not sure how much I'll be around and able to update things today gentlemen, I have a paper due later tonight.

    But I will have everything up-to-date by the end of the night!

  116. Updated as we near completion of Round 19.

    Spiegel, it's back to you, and I need a list when you get the chance!

  117. Here we go:
    Glavine/Key Topps
    Bernie Williams '92 Topps
    '90 Score Finley

  118. Thanks Mike!

    And we're back to Justin as we begin Round 20!

  119. Shonn Greene College Colors
    Beanie Wells College Colors
    Bernie Williams RC (either)
    Todd Hollandsworth
    Detwiler RC
    Kyle Russell Chrome RC
    Wade Davis Bowman Gold
    McClellan RC
    Shane Dyer
    Stephen Vogt

  120. Sorry for the day-long-ish delay gents, my bad. I'll have things fully updated by the end of the night.

  121. Almost done! Home stretch lets keep it going! .. sorry bored at work

  122. I will pick the Webster Chrome rookie next.

  123. Back to you jbf, your last list is completed!

  124. Here is my latest list, hopefully that last one, I may be stuck in the car shop most of the day:

    Wright RC Gold
    Hoffman Season Highlights
    90 Appier Fleer
    Edmonds Reprint

  125. i will pick the McGwire Check list. Thanks!

  126. Sorry to hold up the finale, was putting in a new kitchen floor this weekend.

    I'll take Scioscia (or however you spell that) SportFlics.

  127. The final two picks! Justin, you're up!

  128. And Brett Anderson finishes us off!

    Thanks gents!

  129. Tunguska, I screwed up and randomized you the Gallagher Chrome when it had already been picked, so I'll replace it with a few cards. My bad....