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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Ginter Bazooka Mini of A Dirtbag and Final Card Draft Update, More Enticement Included.

Allen & Ginter Bazooka minis are pure amazing. After not possessing one for the longest time, I now am the proud owner of two after a recent-ish eBay auction win. The first, of The Bison, was acquired via trade. The second, below, was had for just $5.50 shipped. My winning bid clocked in at a paltry three dollars and a quarter.

Tulo! Tulo! Tulo! Numbered 13/25, this 2010 A&G Bazooka mini makes for a great addition to my Troy Tulowitzki PC. In regards to Bazooka-Back minis, I'm still in search of both a Kershaw and Russ Martin one. If anyone can help me track one or both down, I'd be appreciative and in a rewarding mood.

That's the face of a proud Long Beach State Dirtbag!

The Card Draft will begin tomorrow! More cards to entice you to join are above these here words. If anyone would still like to enter, you can do so up until midnight tonight, PST. All the important information can be found here. I can pretty easily accommodate another two entrants, and could probably stretch it to three. I'm flexible and easy to work with in regards to payment. If you want in, we'll make it happen!