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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Site News: A Hot Babe on Cardboard and A New Partnership - Lacey Jones and PokerListings.com

I've mentioned once before how big a fan of poker I am. I love to play, used to watch the World Series religiously, and still make sure to catch some of it each year and a decent portion of the November Nine. I will also pick up the occasional poker autograph when I come across one that's dirt cheap. My latest poker auto was picked up not just because it was 99 cents from my LCS's eBay store, but because it features the gorgeous Lacey Jones.

Well, well-worth a buck. And seriously, Google Lacey Jones.

This Lacey Jones signature is appropriately posted today as I'm proud to announce a new partnership with pokerlistings.com, whose ad you'll see on the right sidebar. It's a great site and is filled with interesting news, notes, tips, and much more from around the poker world.

The other two poker sigs I have are below.

All on-card, an unintentional but sweet coincidence.


  1. As a poker fan myself, I'm liking that auto. It doesn't hurt that Lacey is good to look at.

  2. Too bad the Federales closed down all the online poker sites, or we could get a weekly game going online. Great autos. My only poker card is a Poker Brat manupatch letter.
    My top-five poker player autograph wish list would be: Doyle Brunson, Helmuth, Phil Ivey, Daniel Negraneu, and Mike Matusow.
    Anyone in particular you're going to try to track down?

  3. My favorite three players are Gus Hansen, Phil Hellmuth, and Daniel Negraneu, so those guys' autos would be sweet to own.

    Doyle is a given, of course.