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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

There Are 5 Of These Jerry Sands Obak Autos In The World. I Own 1 Of Them.

Every now and then I'll scour eBay listings in search of cheap and new Jerry Sands autographs. Sands quickly became one of my favorite Dodgers, perhaps because he's one of the only legitimate offensive prospects, and can alleviate the pain I've felt and will feel - and the soon-to-come inevitable yearnings to blind myself - if I have to watch a single game with James Loney, Juan Rivera, Juan Ewwwribe, and Mark Ellis comprising half of the Dodgers' lineup. Putting that truth aside, Jerry has excellent upside, and he's a decently affordable prospect to collect. Case in point, my latest Sands pickup below.

From 2011 TriStar Obak, a purple parallel John Hancock of the young power-hitter, and it's numbered a cool 3/5. Yes, it's a sticker, but it fits in well with the design of the card, although unlicensed products incorporating as many hard-signed cards as possible would certainly make up for the fact that team logos can't be used, lest lawsuits rain down from the Topps sky. I scored this bad boy for the paltry sum of $8.62 delivered, with a winning bid of just $5.67.

Another Jerry signature in the books, and hopefully more will be acquired in the near future. Oh, and start the kid somewhere Donnie Baseball. He's the only bat with upside not named Matt Kemp, as those 19 extra-base hits, 11.0 BB%, and sterling defense in right (albeit a small sample size) in just 61 games attests to.


  1. Looking at the Obak sets gives me hope that one day I can release my own set of cards

  2. Cool, some of those Obaks like that one look pretty nice. #d /5 is really impressive too, so nice fine.

  3. Spiegel- Do it! You'll have a customer in me haha!

    Dennis- Thanks! And I still owe you that scan!

    DB- Gracias!

  4. Is Sands the first baseball player to sign his name in Wingdings?

  5. Haha, it is certainly a most unique signature!