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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trade With The Collective Mind: Tulo. Ginter. Auto.

An aside: this is post number 1100 for me. Man, time flies. Anyhoo, I completed my first trade with Greg (there seems to be a ton of card-blogging Gregs) from The Collective Mind. Greg was a participant in my Card Draft, and e-mailed me after seeing that I collect Troy Tulowitzki. He said he had a hit, and wondered if I would perhaps be interested. Considering the awesome new addition to my Tulo and Long Beach State Dirtbags PCs below these very words, you can guess how high my interest level was.

Oh snap! I absolutely adore Allen & Ginter autographs. I mean, what's not to love? On-card, mini, framed, and sick sick sick. This marks my second Tulowitzki John Hancock, and both have been trade acquisitions. It's easily the centerpiece of my Tulo Collection. This was a simple two-for-one trade, as I sent Greg a pair of relics that fit into his player collecting ways (a Carlton Fisk #'d bat relic - the final piece of my Super Box - and a Joe Torre jersey swatch).

Thanks for the great trade fellow Greg, and for participating in the draft! All of your cards should have reached you already, and I look forward to more trades in the future!


  1. They are pretty nice looking. Always cool to see stuff I sent online.
    I'll try to post my trade and draft loot on the 'Mind soon.

  2. I've got the same card actually, and I love it to death! Nice job!

  3. Another card to make this Rockies fan jealous.

  4. GCA- Thanks again, I appreciate you letting me know you had it! I'm stoked to have it!

    Drew- Thanks! It is indeed a sweeeet card!

    Eric- Haha, you and Johnny both, I would imagine.