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Monday, October 31, 2011

Trade With My Cardboard Mistress: Troy Tulowitzki, You Dirtbag You! A Tulo Auto, The Bison, and Some Other Guys.

I completed my fifth trade with Adam from the fantastic My Cardboard Mistress. You can find our first four deals here, here, here, and here. I sent a variety of cards Adam's way, hitting up multiple PCs and knocking off some Ginter needs of his. The prize of the deal for me is the absolute beauty you see below.

My first Tulo autograph, and it features a relic to boot (#'d 71/99)! The new cornerstone to my small Tulo PC, and the first Dirtbag auto to be featured here of the troika of Long Beach State alums recently added to my collection. But that wasn't all Adam and I settled on. Another Tulo hit made its way to me, as did a sweet Matt Kemp Ginter relic - the third from 2008 of The Bison that I own - and my first Kent hit (and it's Kent as a Dodger....sweeeet). I mean, who doesn't love a relic of one of the greatest second baseman in baseball history - a future Hall of Famer, and probably racist. Damn I love Ginter relics.

Another Kemp, and this one a new addition to my Kemp collection. It's #'d  031/799. What parallel it is, I have no idea. I need to figure that one out.

Another Dirtbag, this time Angels' ace Jered Weaver.

Adam also included a nice Cole Hamels 2008 Ginter back mini, which I just don't feel like scanning. But it's awesome. And as always, when it's a Long Beach-centric post, Greg Laswell makes an appearance.

Thanks for yet another great trade Adam!

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