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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trade With My Cardboard Mistress: Trevor Bauer, My Fellow UCLA Bruin, and New Kemps and Martins

The fact that I currently go to school with Bauer (and am older than him) makes me feel really, really aged.

I digress.

This is my third trade with Adam from My Cardboard Mistress. You can check out the first here and the second here. He was kind enough to point out in a post that Trevor Bauer was currently pitching for UCLA. Sadly, I did not know this prior to his post. You see, I don't get out much.

Anyways, after learning that Bauer - who is projected as a top-ten pick in this year's upcoming draft, and perhaps even a top-five pick - was a fellow Bruin, I knew I wanted to acquire this relic of his. I proposed Adam a college hit for college hit swap (current UCLA athlete for VA Tech alum), and he kindly obliged. This is what I received in return for an Ed Wang auto I sent his way.


This nice Jackie Robinson exclusive refractor thingamabob.

And to finish off the trade, 5(!) new Matt Kemps and 4(!) new Russell Martins.

The Star Attractions and Upper Deck X are by far my favorites.

Bling bling y'all. I really like the StarQuest cards, and the black bordered, multi-bat wielding Bowman is just nails all around.

Thanks so much for another great trade Adam! I look forward to # 4!


Some quick contest pimping.

Autographed Cards is holding a College Baseball World Series contest.

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RBI Collecting is holding an A's-themed contest, complete with unopened packs as the prize.


  1. Glad you liked them. Now that I look at it, that Bauer would look pretty good with an auto above the swatches...you should chase him down on campus one day...haha.

  2. Cool Bauer card. Now you need to get a Gerrit Cole card to go with it.

  3. Adam- Haha, creeper status. Plus, I've only got like a week left. If only I had more time to chase him down.

    If only.

    Spiegel- If Cole cards weren't expensive as hell, I'd like to think I'd already have at least one haha.

    A man can dream though.