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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thankfully (For Me), Russell Martin Autographs Don't Break The Bank.

Well, his Dodgers cards are still very affordable, for the most part. Those Yankee pinstripes are an entirely different story. Anyways, I was able to land this sweet Russell Martin 2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection Auto/Jersey Relic from the Bay recently. I also have the Chad Billingsley from this set, and still need to acquire the Matt Kemp. Not that it'll happen anytime soon, but hopefully I can find an affordable one at some point, because I really like what UD did with these hits.

I will never pass up a well-designed auto/relic from one of the three main guys I collect, especially when I can snag it for under five bucks shipped ($4.34 to be exact).

On a side note, Blogger seems to have been having some problems, and I'm not sure if a couple of posts from the end of the week appeared in everyone's blogroll. Just to be safe, check out the trade I made with Joe from The Sandlot.....Ryan Braun and a John Hancock are involved!


  1. Your boy Kershaw was on Baseball Tonight talking about his Gold Glove!

  2. And I was in class nearly falling asleep! I think he wins this round haha!