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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cardboard Collections Fleer Group Break Results: Cardinals (Pujols) and Expos (Vlad Guerrero)

Colbey of Cardboard Collections hosts fantastic and cheap group breaks. I saw my chance to land some sweet Pujols cards (and maybe even a hit, perhaps), and jumped in on the Cardinals in his recent all-Fleer break of mid-2000s products. The other major attraction to the break was that 2004 Fleer Platinum was on the menu, and I'm attempting to put that set together. I grabbed the Expos - based solely on Vlad Guerrero - as my second team and watched every second of every video of the break. What I got will now follow.

My big hit of the break, a sweet Vlad jersey swatch from the aforementioned 2004 Fleer Platinum. Thankfully I decided to pick up the Expos!

Next up, some cool Pujols cards, including a pair of second-year cards. The Big Signs insert is really cool, and if I had a larger penny sleeve I'd scan it when open. Because it does in fact open up to reveal Prince Albert in some cool throwback threads. A really awesome insert set, indeed. Kudos Fleer. Oh, and two Jim Edmonds cards. Always been a huge Edmonds fan. A Hall of Famer, without a doubt.

And finally, the Cards and Expos provided me with six cards I needed in my quest to complete 2004 Fleer Platinum. You may be asking why I scanned nine cards then. Well, Colbey threw in the three A's cards, all of which I needed towards set completion. The A's were Colbey's second team in the break. His generosity - and the fact that he clearly looked at my Want List and saw I needed the three cards - is much appreciated. My Needs List for '04 Platinum has been updated accordingly.

Thanks for the fun break and the extras Colbey! I'll definitely participate again at some point!


  1. Glad you were happy w/ your haul. Want to try your luck w/ the Expos again (or another team)? $6 - mid to late 90's Pinnacle boxes (5) this time around!

  2. Haha, I'll pass on this one, but I will definitely be back at some point! Thanks again Colbey!

  3. You like Vlad? I have some Vlad's that nobody seems to want. If you like I'll send them your way, no strings attached!